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This is an exciting addition for Vendasta partners, launching today. Movylo helps solve the storied problem of turning infrequent business customers into returning fans.

The product manages existing customer relationships and helps businesses acquire new clients through engagement and promos. Simply enter the business information, configure the email promotions, and upload the customers list. Tada! Loyalty builder on autopilot!

Some examples of the email promotions include:

  • a % discount when customers sign up for offers;
  • a $ bonus for customers who refer a friend;
  • a % discount when a customer fills in their profile, like providing their date of birth;
  • a $ bonus on their birthday;
  • and a % discount for customers who leave a review.

If you sell leads to local businesses, Movylo is the tool you need to capture and convert them into loyal customers – without lifting a finger! Learn more about Movylo and other solutions in the Vendasta Marketplace.