White-label copywriting services: Comparing 3 options

Copywriting is a key component of everything from blogs to video scripts. In turn, your agency needs to make sure you can keep up with the sheer demand for content. Getting white-label content creation is a smart way to do just that.

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What options do you have for white-label writing, and how do you know which one is the right fit for your audience? This guide can help you take the guesswork out of getting the white-label copywriting services you need.

Exploring digital marketing: White-label services

Digital marketing is more important for your clients than ever before. It’s also an ever-expanding field. It’s easy for teams to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks they need to perform.

That’s why many business owners turn to partners to help them add new services and deliver on client needs.

Why white-label content creation?

Thinking about hiring a partner to deliver digital marketing? You’ll want to consider white-label content writing.

Why choose white-label products and services? A white-label copywriter or content creator delivers quality service on your behalf. Since it happens under your brand, it’s a great way to keep building your relationship with your clients.

Who needs copywriters anyway?

Did you know more than seven million blog posts are published every day (TechJury)? Add in billions of social media posts, millions of video hours (EarthWeb), and so on, and it all adds up to one conclusion: your agency needs white-label copywriting services to keep up with all the content that’s out there.

Almost everyone who wants to run a business needs a copywriter. Copywriters create everything from video scripts to websites, and your clients need someone to write copy for every marketing channel to reach their audience. Whether you need copy for your client’s ads, websites, or even their social media posts, white-label writing services help you fulfill their needs, all under your own brand.

What are your options for white-label copywriting services?

Hiring someone to write copy for your clients is a big proposition. You need to get both volume and often talent, so that the client gets what they need on time.

The good news is you have a few different options when it comes to white-label copywriting services for your clients. The three major categories are:

  • Hiring a freelancer directly
  • Hiring through a platform
  • Hiring a white-label digital marketing agency

Each option has its strengths and weaknesses.

Option 1: Hire a copywriting freelancer directly

The first option you have is to hire a freelance copywriter. This option is often a good one if you already know a freelancer, but it can sometimes be challenging to find one—and even more challenging to find a good one.


  • Cost-effective: Hiring a freelancer is often the most affordable choice. They’ll charge lower fees than you might see through a platform or working with an agency.
  • Direct collaboration: Finding a good freelancer can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but when you hire the right one, you can easily train them up to write for the style and quality your client’s brand is going after.
  • Direct relationship with writer: Freelancers may also “go the extra mile” for their clients. They have a direct relationship with you, which may improve communication.


  • Scalability: If you need a lot of copy or have a lot of clients, the freelancer may have difficulties scaling up with you. That could leave you scrambling to provide copy for all your clients, which could lead to delays.
  • Logistical problems: You may also find yourself managing a team of freelance copywriters. That can become a logistical headache as you try to plan around people’s schedules, manage billing, and so on.

Option 2: Use a freelancer platform to find white-label copywriting

One way to address concerns about scale is to join a platform like Upwork. These platforms exist to help businesses like yours connect with reputable freelancers.


  • Better for scaling: Platforms like Upwork can help you solve the issues with scaling. Since you can connect with many freelancers, it’s easier to find the right people for the job.
  • Ability to find specialized writers: You can also find people who specialize in different kinds of copywriting. If you need someone to create social media content, you can find a freelancer who offers white-label social media marketing.


  • Lack of vetting: Upwork and other platforms vary a lot in terms of quality and how they vet their freelancers. Some platforms have past clients rate the freelancers they work with. Even with a rating system, quality is still subjective and will widely depend on your perception of it. That, in turn, can lead your team to long hours of editing content.
  • Pricing: Freelancers on these sorts of platforms may also charge a bit more, since the platform takes a cut of the fee. As a business, you also pay to be on the platform (Hackernoon). While pricing is often attractive, you may not get what you pay for with these platforms either.
  • Lack of personal communication: Freelancers tend to have a more impersonal connection and may not "go the extra mile" for you. This means they’ll often default to the written instructions they were provided when assigned their work.

Option 3: Hire an agency for white-label copywriting services

Your third option for white-label content writing is to hire an agency. This is usually the best option for local businesses looking to provide white-label content writing for their clients.


  • More writers for scalability: First, an agency has a team of content writers, which means scale is not an issue. They can scale up or down as needed to meet your client’s needs.
  • No gaps in turnaround time: Since agencies offer a copywriting team, you don’t need to worry about gaps in schedules or turnaround time because someone will always be available to execute the work.
  • Quality assurance: Quality is also more assured when you work with an agency. They have vetted everyone on their team. They’ll also usually include services like editing. They may even help with your content strategy.

In short, working with a white-label agency partner is a better choice for quality and reliability. You’re most likely to get what you want and need from an agency partner.


  • Expensive: The biggest drawback of white-label writing from an agency partner is usually the cost. The agency supports a team of talented and experienced content writers. It makes sense the price is going to be higher than if you hired a single freelancer directly.

The verdict: Agencies do more for white-label clients

In most cases, using an agency to fulfill white-label copywriting services is the right choice. Some business owners will choose to work with freelancers. This is especially true if they already know a content writer or two. In other cases, they’ll turn to Upwork or another platform, hoping to find at least a couple of reliable writers.

However, the agency partner does look like the most expensive option on paper. But after comparing services, it's evident that white-label copywriting from an agency offers the best value for your money. You get so much more—including flexibility to grow with you. That’s because most agencies offer more than just content writing. They may also offer white-label SEO tools, website solutions, or white-label digital advertising.

Get the white-label content writing your clients need

Copywriting is going to be a staple of digital marketing for some time to come. Teaming up with a great partner for white-label copywriting services is just a smart move in that case.

Explore what a white-label digital marketing agency can do—beyond copywriting. With an agency at your side, you can do more for your clients.

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