Request reviews via SMS for a big impact with Reputation Management Premium

Can you believe it’s already been a month since we’ve launched Reputation Management Premium? Time flies when you’re constantly iterating and improving! And it’s more timely than ever.

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In an era where every potential customer can access a business's reviews with a quick tap, a brand’s online reputation is its most valuable asset. That’s why this week’s updates were developed to strengthen your local business clients’ reputations and engage their audiences.

Plus, you know the drill by now. There’s another sneak peek waiting for you at the end of the blog!

Unlock the power of SMS with Reputation Management Premium

Even a month can feel like a lifetime in the digital marketing and technology world! To recap, our newly-launched Reputation Management Premium is a tool designed to help your clients effortlessly accumulate high-quality reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook.

With functionalities like integrating contacts from both the Business App and Customer Voice, coupled with AI-enhanced customizable email templates, the process of collecting reviews has never been smoother.

And that’s important, because as businesses increasingly recognize the value of reviews, customers are flooded with prompts and requests to share their experiences. Amidst the noise, it's essential for businesses to not only streamline the feedback process but to truly stand out.

So, as promised, we’ve added the ability to request reviews via SMS with Reputation Management Premium!

  • Review Request via SMS: Move beyond emails; with a staggering 98% open rate, SMS is the way forward. U.S. and Canadian clients get 50 SMS credits every month to explore this powerful medium.
  • SMS Registration: For our U.S. partners, registering SMS numbers has been made hassle-free, ensuring compliance without the headache.
  • New Review Source – Redfin: The inclusion of Redfin, a major player in the real estate sector, offers businesses in property and real estate a competitive edgeSending SMS requests via Reputation Management Premium has arrived!

Harnessing AI in Social Marketing

Our 2023 Agency Insights Report discovered that half of digital marketing agencies consider content creation as one of their top three most profitable service offerings. On the flip side, crafting social media content can be just as challenging and time consuming as it is beneficial.

But Vendasta’s revamped Social Marketing tools have transformed the process of creating memorable, high-performing posts while also making it a lighter lift. And we’ve also made it, dare I say, more fun?

  • Tailored content generation: The AI-driven composer offers convenient shortcuts to dictate the tone, style, and length of posts. Rest assured that your content will consistently align with a brand’s voice and ethos, every time.
  • Trust in AI transparency: Keeping with our commitment to AI transparency, we’ve made the built-in prompt our system generates accessible so you can see what is informing the AI content alongside your own promptSocial Marketing's AI can help you get the voice and tone of your posts right, every time.

Move beyond listings with Local SEO

Local SEO isn't just about listings or having your business on the map—it's about standing out from the crowd, boosting visibility, and ensuring you're found by the right audience.

Listing management is important, and our refinements to Local SEO take it several steps further.

  • Instant insights: New dashboard cards on the Overview page provide businesses a snapshot that instantly updates them on the status of their Listing Sync Pro and Listing Distribution.
  • Improved citations discovery: Your clients should now see a surge in citations, facilitated by improved search processes that pull results from six search criteria instead of just business name and phone number.
  • Speak their language—literally!: In an increasingly globalized world, catering to a wonderfully diverse clientele is now common. With the ability to generate business profiles in multiple languages, you can make sure they resonate with their audience, no matter where they are from.

🥁 Exclusive preview: Campaigns Pro!

We’ve been sharing weekly updates for over a year now, to help partners navigate our solutions for local businesses. But the excitement still never dwindles when it comes to announcing the big new releases coming your way.

Enter: Campaigns Pro, Vendasta’s answer to holistic and impactful outreach.

Available for you to sell later this Fall, Campaigns Pro is a powerful email and SMS marketing automation software that’s fully integrated with Business App, the portal your clients are using to grow their brand.

Here’s just some of what you can look forward to:

  • Holistic campaign crafting: Businesses can now seamlessly craft email and SMS campaigns that resonate. Whether starting from scratch or using a template, the process is intuitive and results-driven.
  • Detailed campaign journeys: The multi-step campaign design ensures that businesses can guide their audience through a curated journey, nurturing leads at every step.
  • Actionable insights: With comprehensive analytics, businesses aren’t just shooting in the dark—they can see exactly how their campaigns perform, allowing them to iterate and improve.Sneek peek: Campaigns Pro demo

Simplicity is key. With Campaigns Pro, you’ll empower your clients to connect with new audiences through welcoming emails, enhance sales via strategic promotions, and generate buzz for fresh products or upcoming events.

And while we're starting with email marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns are in the works too. As we mentioned, SMS has an incredible average open rate of 98%, so we’re definitely going to allow you to leverage this resource soon.

Product updates on the horizon

Excited for more information? Campaigns Pro will debut in the Marketplace this upcoming Fall.

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As we edge towards the year's end, Vendasta's suite of tools continues to grow, adapt, and innovate.  Get your clients upgraded to Reputation Management Premium, and watch those online reputations bloom. As always, if you like what you see and want to learn more, book a demo with us!

We’ll see you back here next week for more updates.

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Rylan Morris is a seasoned B2B product marketing expert with a passion for empowering SMBs/SMEs through SaaS technology. With a customer-centric approach and cross-functional mindset, he drives growth as VP of Product Marketing at Vendasta. Renowned for crafting impactful strategies that resonate with target audiences, Rylan excels in leadership, teamwork, segmentation, and go-to-market tactics. His skills span narrative design, ecommerce enhancement, and monetization strategies.

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