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Get more reviews with a “Review us on Google” sticker


Are your clients using "Review us on Google" stickers to get more reviews and attract more customers? If not, they should be. Plenty of businesses are missing out on this valuable — and easy-to-use — offline marketing tool.

Make it easier to manage clients’ online reputations. Get FREE templates for responding to online reviews.

The more positive Google reviews your clients have, the better. They can help with reputation management, build brand awareness, boost your client's SEO efforts, and turn potential customers into actual customers.

One simple (and sometimes overlooked) way to get more Google reviews is to ask for them. With "Review us on Google" stickers, the stickers do the asking for you.

Why Google reviews are important

We all know how crucial reviews can be for helping your clients succeed. The vast majority of people — nine in ten —  consult reviews before buying something (TrustPilot). When it comes to online reviews, it’s no surprise that Google leads the pack. 59% of consumers turn to Google reviews before making a purchasing decision (Bizrate Insights).

What are Google review stickers?

Similar to the "Find us on Yelp" and "Recommended on Tripadvisor" stickers you may have seen in storefront windows, "Review us on Google" stickers are part of Google’s Business Profile Marketing Kit. Your clients can download free printable assets including stickers, social media post templates, and pre-designed posters to help advertise and request more Google ratings and reviews. They can also order the physical materials to be delivered to their business address.

There are four different types of Google stickers copy:

  1. Review us on Google
  2. Follow us on Google
  3. Book with us on Google
  4. Order from us on Google

Depending on what your client’s main goals are, you can use one or all the sticker types. Using a ‘Review us on Google’ sticker or asking people to rate your business on Google can benefit your clients in several ways:

  • Increased user activity and interactions
  • Increased visibility for your client’s business
  • Incentivize customers to leave a review on Google
  • Positive impact local SEO and reputation management
  • Increased customer trust and credibility

Customers want to see recent reviews when making a purchase. In fact, 71% of users say they look for reviews that are between a month and a week old (Power Reviews), which makes keeping a steady stream of reviews flowing for your clients critical to their success.

How to get "Review us on Google" stickers

To get Google review stickers, there are a few requirements that your client's business need to meet:

  1. Have a verified Google Business Profile. If your clients’ Business Profile hasn’t been verified, you’ll need to add or claim their Business Profile on Google and verify by one of the following methods: email, phone, text, video chat, video recording, or even postcard.
  2. Have a physical location. Your client’s business needs to have a brick-and-mortar location or be a hybrid storefront/online business.
  3. Their business cannot be in one of the following categories: RV Park (Travel), ATM, Cemetery, Church, City Hall, Courthouse, Fire Station, Hindu Temple, Local government office, Mosque, Police, School, Synagogue, or University.

If your client’s business fits the above criteria, getting the stickers is straightforward:

  1. Visit Google’s Business Profile Marketing Kit website.
  2. Search for the business name in the search bar.
  3. In the "Put the best of your Business Profile on display" section, select "Customize" or "Download all" to download your "Review us on Google" marketing materials.
  4. To change which reviews are featured, select "Customize" and click "More reviews."
  5. Select "Next" when you’re ready.
  6. Choose the style and color that work best for your client’s brand.
  7. Select "Finish" and then click "Download kit."
  8. Check back quarterly for updated seasonal designs and content.

Places to use "Review us on Google" stickers

Now that your client has their stickers, posters, and social media assets, they need to decide where to put them to have the biggest impact. Here are a few ideas:

  • Window displays, beside their business hours sign
  • The exit door of their business (reminding folks on their way out)
  • Receipts, bags, or boxes
  • Business cards (the QR codes are perfect for this)
  • At the point of sale, on cash registers or countertops
  • On shelves throughout the business (at eye level)
  • Shared as social media posts
  • As an image or testimonial on their website
  • In a post-purchase email or text message

How to get more reviews

With 88% of people putting as much trust in reviews as they do personal recommendations, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to spread the good word (Invespcro). Here are some tactics to make your Google review sticker more accessible to users.

Make your Google review sticker easily visible

If the whole point of using "Review us on Google" stickers is to drive more online reviews, it only makes sense that it needs to be easy for customers to find and review your client’s business. It might seem a bit like hand-holding, but the easier you make it for a customer, the more likely they are to leave a review.

Add a hyperlink to your review sticker

If you’re asking for reviews while they’re online, make sure you hyperlink the exact place you want them to go. Your client can even get a short, shareable link directly from their Google Business Profile.

While logged in, click "Home" from the left-hand menu, select "Get more reviews," and copy the URL.

Optimize your website for mobile

While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to make sure all emails and websites are optimized for mobile since 55% of people will be accessing your request from their phones (BroadbandSearch.net). Remember to keep all requests polite, friendly, and grounded in gratitude.

Let customers give honest feedback

Keep your Google sticker copy vague and let the customers decide what they want to say. If your sticker copy only asks for five-star reviews, users may interpret that as the business only wanting positive reviews, which makes the business come across as disingenuous.

Instead of requesting a five-star rating, just ask customers for their feedback. Not only does this allow and encourage more honest reviews, but it also opens opportunities to get more Google reviews with a wider spectrum of comments, feedback, and experiences.

Have a reputation management strategy for negative reviews

You should always have a reputation management strategy in place to respond to good and bad reviews. Likewise, it’s also important to look for common issues your client’s business faces and find a way to resolve them so their reputation improves with customers and prospects.

1. Take action and accountability

Potential customers will see you responding and be more likely to still make a purchase. If the customer has a legitimate complaint, take swift action and respond to their review directly. Once their issue has been solved, you can reach out and ask them if they would consider updating their review. Consumers are often more than happy to do so when they feel heard, and their issue has been taken care of.

2. Find and solve common issues before they happen

Ideally, we want to avoid bad reviews in the first place. If your client is receiving repeat negative reviews for the same issue, it’s safe to assume it will continue to happen until the problem is solved from within the business. Consider these reviews free market research: the customer is letting you know what’s not working, so you can address it, solve it, and move forward.

Look into reputation management software

Getting reviews isn’t quite as simple as printing off a few "Review us on Google" stickers, but it doesn’t need to be a pain point for your clients either. Reviews are an essential business driver considering the buying journey of today’s consumers, meaning review management should be a cornerstone of your client’s marketing plan.

To make things easier, Vendasta has a suite of products you can offer your clients to help them manage and scale their reviews, including:

  • Customer Voice: White-label customer feedback tool that can be used to automate requests.
  • Reputation Management: Review management and AI-driven business insights all in one place.
  • Review Management: Complete white-label solution to monitor, respond, and solicit reviews on behalf of your client.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are Google stickers free?

Yes, Google review stickers are free. You can get them at no cost as part of the Google Business Profile Marketing Kit by simply entering your business name and downloading the assets. You can even customize the style and messaging before downloading.

2. How do I ask someone to review us on Google?

You can ask someone to review you on Google in various ways. You can send an email or text message after purchase, set up a pop-up on your website, or use "Review us on Google" stickers and posters to remind customers to leave feedback when they’re shopping in person. Likewise, you can add QR codes to business cards or also ask people to leave a Google review via a social media post.

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