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AdCellerant | GeoFencing

Device ID geo-fencing allows you to create custom fences around different locations, targeting users who have been in those fences within a specific timeframe.

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Why use Device ID GeoFencing?


Our unique Device ID technology goes beyond simple geo-fencing to target unique devices and measure results with real attribution and ROI. In contrast to other providers, who use radius or assumptive data and targeting, our technology has a certainty of one-to-one device tracking.


Location Targeting Options:

  • Our team will hand-draw a polygon around your desired location(s), pulling devices seen as recently as 3 days ago and as far back as one year. 
  • Quick-Select Option: Our team can pull devices from a quick-select category of business, which gathers device IDs from ‘all coffee shops’ as an example.

With our Device ID technology, we can provide an Audience Insight Report for location targeting. This is a demographic report for the users we have identified have been in the defined geofences. These reports tell us the consumer’s basic geographic data, visitor frequency, household income, and much more. Foot Traffic Attribution Reports are also available with Device ID. Devices that were in your target audience used during the campaign and that were also seen in the point of interest are represented in this report, and counted as visitors attributed to the campaign. Talk about incredible ROI!

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