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AdCellerant | Pre-Roll Video (CA & AU Only)

AdCellerant | Pre-Roll Video (CA & AU Only)

Pre-Roll is a commercial that appears prior to online video and is typically 15-seconds or 30-seconds in length.

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Why use Pre-Roll Video?

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. If you are looking both for high brand recall and a boost in sales, Pre-Roll is a great option. Not only do 96% of users say seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process, but nearly three-quarters those who have seen a video about that product are more likely to buy it when ultimately making their decision. Our pre-roll options come packed with best-in-class targeting options to further improve the likelihood to produce results. Targeting segments can include everything from age, gender, household income to interest in a Chevy Tahoe or purchase intent for a used car. Video ad units allow you to introduce your brand to these interested customers and show them how well your product or service can work for them. These videos can play before, during and after other video content on news and information websites. Each impression or view counts - reaching relevant potential customers. And then, you can also measure engagement through clicks and online conversion tracking. 

Who is AdCellerant?

AdCellerant is an award-winning technology and digital marketing company focused on bringing Madison Avenue level digital marketing solutions to Main Street businesses. AdCellerant has created a proprietary comprehensive digital agency software solution that supports our partner's efforts to scale sales, operations, and reporting all within a single toolkit. Our team is made up of 95 digital experts who are driven and purposeful in their execution of the company's mission. All campaigns are processed, managed, and optimized through our award-winning operations team at AdCellerant in Denver, CO. The AdCellerant Operations team members are compensated based on the success of your campaigns and are highly incentivized to make frequent optimizations, tying campaign success to our own success.


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Key Selling Points for AdCellerant | Pre-Roll Video (CA & AU Only)

  • Pre-Roll Video drives click-thrus to clients’ websites! :30 Pre-Roll click-thru rates are 87% above industry average and :15 Pre-Roll click-thru rates are 371% above industry average.
  • Transparent results are available in our live dashboard, including on what websites your ads served, when they were seen and whether a customer took action, if conversions are enabled.
  • Robust data elements - our dashboard can show which ads are garnering the most engagement and clicks.
  • 5 conversion points are included in our tracking, allowing you to track engagement, interest and action.
  • Campaign optimization - our campaign managers are incentivized to hit key KPIs like foot traffic and click-thru rates. This ensures a real human is paying attention to your campaign performance.

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