Solutions for Multi-Location Companies & Brands

Vendasta provides a comprehensive, unified platform for multi-location brands to efficiently monitor and manage their digital presence across all locations.

The Challenge

Multi-location brands are at a disadvantage to single-location local businesses when it comes to cultivating a cohesive customer experience online. Single location businesses only have one target audience to understand, one reputation to maintain, and one digital presence to manage.

To compete, multi-location brands need to provide the same hyper-local digital experience to connect with local customers across ALL their locations. The problem is that manually monitoring and managing the chaotic digital presence of all your properties across the internet can be a herculean task. Errors easily slip through the cracks with so many locations to monitor. This leads to branding inconsistencies, incorrect information, and reputation blind spots that confuse customers and drive them into the arms of the competition.

Even worse, you may not even be aware of a “bad seed” location with a reputation that’s devastating your overall brand online. With no all-seeing eye, you may never even know about this brand wound and the need to attend to it.

A Message for Multi-Location Companies from Vendasta CRO George Leith

The Solution

To thrive in competitive local markets, multi-location brands must provide a seamless consumer experience by making it easy to research their products/services and find essential contact information for each location. You need a way to cultivate a dynamic local presence simultaneously across all of your locations.

Why is a local presence essential? Because people go to local pages for local solutions. They’re not interested in broad corporate messages. In fact, local digital engagement is 5x1 more impactful on consumer behavior than brand engagement. Plus, when both brand and location-specific pages exist for businesses, 85%2 of consumer engagement takes place on the local pages.

Vendasta’s multi-location platform allows brand managers to create a digital presence and reputation that’ll feel natural and organic to local customers and prospects.

How It Works

Get a bird’s-eye view of your brand’s virtual health or deep-dive into location-specific performance with the Vendasta platform.

The Vendasta platform can be used by a brand manager to manage all locations, or white-labeled and accessed by each location manager to manage the marketing of their individual unit.

Get a bird’s eye view of your brand’s online reputation and have the tools required to grow and improve it at a local and global level.

With hyper-local reputation, social media, advertising, and listings management and marketing, plus robust analytics and reporting to highlight best and worst performers, our platform enables you to stay true to your brand while creating a unique customer experience at each location.

Best of all, it’s scalable from 2 to 2,000+ locations. This means you’ll have the platform and tools necessary to cultivate a cohesive digital customer experience in all your locations, regardless of the size of your business.

Additional Vendasta Features for Multi-Location Companies

Snapshot Report automatically scans business listing data for accuracy

Monitor Your Brand’s Presence for All Your Business Locations

Multi-location businesses need a comprehensive console to monitor and manage the digital presence of all your properties across the internet. Vendasta offers a local look at the big picture of your brand’s presence and reputation with our brand monitoring solution for multi-location companies.

Learn more about how to leverage Vendasta’s brand monitoring solutions at your multi-location brand >

Perform needs-assessment of business reputation and reviews

Multi-Location Client Management

Vendasta’s platform was built with multi-location and brand reputation management in mind—giving multi-location businesses a bird’s eye view of their reputation. Our platform enables businesses with two or more locations to: Tap into review scores, monitor social media activity, directories, review sites, and social networks, customize reporting for every location, benchmark and identify the best and worst performing locations.

Learn more about how to manage all aspects of your multi-location brand >

Snapshot Report scans business social media presence and gives a score

Multi-Location Website Design, SEO, Build, and Ongoing Maintenance

Each location of your business needs a unique website with SEO optimization to stand out locally. Vendasta’s websites are fully customized to the distinct needs of each location. We’ll work with you to customize the colors, photos, logos, other artwork plus the SEO, functionality, and design that’ll best suit your brand and location.

Learn more about how Vendasta’s Website Pro solution can revolutionize your website marketing >

Snapshot Report scans business social media presence and gives a score

SEO for Multi-Location Websites

Local SEO is an essential aspect of any multi-location organization. Each individual business location needs to have their local SEO game nailed down so that when a local consumer Googles a product/service, your brand’s nearest location appears. Our SEO solution for multi-location brands is designed to effortlessly address important ranking signals used to determine the value and relevancy of a website for core keywords.

Learn more about how Vendasta’s SEO solutions for multi-location brands >

The New World

With access to a comprehensive multi-location solution, our sales and marketing automation platform and Vendasta’s training teams, you’ll have a true partner as you transform your company.

This means no more digital chaos, branding inconsistencies, broken customer experiences, or reputation blind spots.

Let’s work together to create a cohesive digital customer experience so you can compete locally, connect with more customers, and be the go-to business at all your locations.

Testimonial from a Current Multi-Location Partner

“With Vendasta’s multi-location mapping, including GMB insights, we’ve been able to drive awareness around deficiencies in our clients’ presence. These insights have opened the door to new conversations with existing clients around additional solutions and services.”

Mike Oakman

COO, Influence Health, 2018

Key Resources for Multi-Location Companies & Brands

Core Aspects of Multi-Location Reputation Management

Are all of your brand’s locations listed correctly online? An accurate and well-optimized local presence is key for any multi-location brand. This post will help you assess your brand’s online presence, with specific digital reputation management strategy and tactics.

Digital Brand Management Strategies for Multi-Location Businesses

Digital marketing for one business is hard. Digital marketing for a multi-location business is infinitely harder. The good news? By following these critical strategies, you can be sure to take your brand’s digital presence to the next level—without having to break the bank.

Local SEO Checklist for Multi-Location Businesses

People are searching for local businesses at a record pace, but are they finding your location or your competitors? Your job is to ensure that all your brand’s locations get found online, but it’s difficult with so many factors that go into ranking in local SERPs. This checklist will help you find all the weaknesses in your local SEO profile!

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