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Explore a library of resources with a range of content via the Vendasta Blog. From ecommerce social media tutorials to churn studies and B2B lead generation.


Get ahead of the competition with the Conquer Local Academy, featuring dozens of free courses and weekly workshop sessions, all designed to help you become the local business expert.


Join Vendasta’s Chief Customer Officer and EVP Of Sales, George Leith as he interviews industry experts and shares his 30 years of experience every week on the Conquer Local Podcast.

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Connect with industry peers in the Conquer Local Community. Have your voice heard and empower yourself with a vast network of industry professionals, featuring regular discussions, tips, and advice.

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From sunny California beaches to the beautiful mountains of Alberta, Conquer Local Conference continues to provide an annual gathering for some of the best and brightest in SaaS, sales, marketing, and more.

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From our humble origins to our continued commitment to cloud brokers, providing the digital marketing tools they need to help small and medium sized businesses thrive.


We’re always looking for new members of the Vendasta family. From software development to sales and marketing, we’ve got the perfect position for you.


Find our media kit alongside our press release library and media mentions over in the Vendasta Newsroom.

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