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Vendasta Pricing

Vendasta is the #1 platform for agencies selling digital solutions to local businesses. Our Basic subscription costs $249/month. Professional costs $499/month and includes advanced apps. Enterprise at $999/month enables agencies to scale faster and Premium is our top tier including all the features our platform offers.

Why Choose? Entry level tools for agencies getting started; unlimited accounts and access to Marketplace Advanced apps for task-management and multi-location brand management Access to Vendasta’s Digital Agency, so you can outsource fulfillment and scale faster Enhanced white-labelling on all Digital Agency services
Unlimited Campaign Emails
Business Center
Snapshot Reports $2/report $2/report $2/report $2/report
Custom Domain
Brand Analytics  
Access to Digital Ads Service  
Access to Digital Agency Service     Unbranded White-label
Onboarding Fee* $0 $1,500 $2,500 $7,500

* Basic subscription is paid as a lump sum yearly
** Onboarding fees are waived on lump sum yearly subscriptions

Elite Subscription

Elite includes everything in Premium, tailor-made marketing, enhanced services, and executive sponsorship.

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Vendasta Pricing Guide

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Download a detailed breakdown of all our pricing information and how much revenue you can make reselling each product and service from our marketplace.

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Getting started

The first step is to contact us for a free, one-on-one demonstration with one of our platform experts. If you love what you see, we’ll move to the next step: partnership!

As soon as we process your onboarding fee, our partner success team will begin working with you to navigate our software and maximize your sales. What are you waiting for? Get that free demo.

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Outsource your fulfillment work to our Digital Agency

Enterprise & Elite subscription partners get access to Vendasta Digital Agency. Let our in-house team of copywriters and social media experts take care of your client’s social media posting, review monitoring & responding, listings management, website design, and more under your brand, on your terms.

Marketplace is included

All subscription partners get access to Marketplace, a curated set of ready-to-sell apps and services. SEO, Reputation, Listings, Social, Video, Advertising, Website and more. Agencies are quickly adding new revenue streams while meeting their clients’ needs.

  • No product costs until you start selling
  • Mark-up and bundle apps as you want
  • Create an online storefront
vendasta pricing and marketplace apps products
Vendasta Pricing Guide

Vendasta Pricing Summary

Plan Price Onboarding Fee Type Why choose
Basic $2,988/year $0 Subscription Entry level tools for agencies getting started; unlimited accounts and access to Marketplace
Professional $499/month $1,500 Subscription Above, plus advanced apps for task-management and multi-location brand management
Enterprise $999/month $2,500 Subscription Above, plus access to Vendasta’s Digital Agency, so you can outsource fulfillment and scale faster.
Premium $2,499/month $7,500 Subscription Above, plus enhanced white-labelling on all Digital Agency services.
Reputation Management $15/month per location - Product Let your clients can track every aspect of their online reputation, such as business listings, customer reviews, and online word-of-mouth, and let them generate new reviews on important sources.
Social Marketing $15/month per location - Product Give your clients the tools they need to grow their social following and turn online leads into raving customers.
Listing Distribution $50/year per location - Product Build accurate business listings on the four major data aggregators—Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup, and Neustar Localeze—which are referenced by over 300 sites online.
Listing Builder Free - Product For no additional cost, you can introduce hundreds of business owners to online presence management with My Listing, GMB Insights, Listing Sync, and your digital marketing platform.
Listing Sync Pro $180/year per location - Product Quickly establish accurate business listings on 20 to 40+ reputable business listing sites in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, and Italy, including Google, Bing Maps, and popular vehicle navigation systems. Annual term required. Limited to 100 max locations per SMB brand.
Listing Sync Pro (Powered by Yext) $300/year per location - Product Quickly establish accurate business listings on 70+ reputable business listing sites in the U.S., including Apple Maps, Google, Yahoo!, Bing Maps, and HERE Maps. Annual term required. Limited to 25 max locations per SMB brand.
Other See all of our Marketplace products

* Onboarding fees are waived on yearly subscriptions

What Partners Say About Vendasta: Reviews

Luke Aulin

Luke Aulin

CEO, Rtown Digital

“Vendasta’s technology is further ahead than anyone’s we’ve seen in the online presence management landscape, and their support is first rate. A great team behind great products.”

Robert Cullen

Robert Cullen

City Search Solutions

“Vendasta’s marketing automation solution is great. We’re able to provide a high level of value with information that’s relevant to our clients’ business. I don’t think there’s a better product out there.”

Kevin Barnett

Kevin Barnett

HI5 Creative

“Vendasta is a very innovative and forward thinking company! They over deliver every time with new product launches. We hope to stay partners for years to come!”

Zella Bracy

Zella Bracy

Former Director Of Digital Revenue Development, Mcclatchy Company

“Vendasta offered us a powerful tool that helps businesses stay on top of reviews, online mentions, and social network activity, but doesn’t require an advanced math degree to use.”

Sheree Brockway

Sheree Brockway

Gsdm - Digital Strategic Initiative Mcclatchy Company

“We truly feel like we’re bringing our customers something that can make a difference, and help us grow our business. We’re bringing them a solution, and we appreciate the partnership with Vendasta. Small business owners would not be able to navigate this space without it.”

Lori Morgan

Lori Morgan

Media Technology Sales Director Worldnow

“Our clients haven’t always been able to capitalize on digital revenues, and Vendasta affords them an opportunity to do that. I appreciate the overall responsiveness; Vendasta is tireless in their endeavour to constantly improve their products and relationships. It’s something I can count on morning, noon and night.”


Platform Subscription Questions

What's the difference between Digital Agency private-label and white label?
Our in-house Digital Agency works under a veil of secrecy to provide services for your clients. With Enterprise, we use a non-Vendasta private label shared between all our Enterprise partners, “yourdigitalagents.com” – whereas with Elite, we’ll work 100% under your brand.
How does your subscription pricing work?
Simply put, Vendasta subscription pricing is like a Costco membership. Your company gains access to our platform, including email marketing automation, sales CRM, marketplace of resellable products and services, online store, and depending on your level of subscription, you get extra features – like access to our white-label fulfillment team, Digital Agency. Snapshot report is an additional cost, $2/ea.

Additionally through Marketplace, there is a growing list of resellable products and services that have their own wholesale costs, but these are revenue generating opportunities that you can mark-up and are only billed for when you sell & activate. Once you’re a partner, you can go fishing for new business as a full service agency with little overhead.

What’s included with my onboarding fee?
Along with your agency’s domain customization & white label setup, your Partner Success Manager will schedule onboarding sessions with your team. The amount of these varies depending on your subscription tier.
Why do you have onboarding fees?
Our local marketing platform is more than just software; it’s about transforming your business and the businesses of your clients. That’s much easier to do in the thriving ecosystem of Vendasta customer training programs and with the personal support of our famously passionate Success team, and the onboarding fees ensure we can give your company the time & personal attention you need to find success with Vendasta. You’ll receive dedicated one-on-one time with your Partner Success Manager, who will provide assistance getting set up with our platform, and strategic guidance so you reach your goals quickly.
What are the costs for additional users or salespeople accounts?
Our subscriptions have no user limits! Unlike other CRMs, we do not charge for additional users/seats. Have a team of 5 salespeople? No problem! How about 500? Same price!
Are there any additional email sending fees?
There are no fees to send emails. With Vendasta, you can send an unlimited amount of emails on campaigns at no charge. However, you can supercharge your prospecting efforts with Snapshot Report, which costs $2/ea.
What currency do you bill in?
Our listed prices reflect USD. If you’re an agency outside of the U.S., and have questions about our pricing, please contact us.
What type of support comes with Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite?
For any software-related technical questions, our support team is available 8am EST – 5pm PST at 1-844-955-6650. Elite partners have unlimited 24/7 support.

Resellable Products & Services Questions

What do products and services cost?
Each product and service has unique wholesale pricing (download the pricing guide above to see them in detail), but they don’t cost you anything to add to your offerings. As a paying subscription partner at any level, you can add our entire product and service lineup to your offerings at no cost, mark them up and package them together how you see fit. You are only billed once you activate a product or service for one of your clients, on a charge-per-activation basis.
What tier do I need to be subscribed to have access to Marketplace?
Every paying subscription tier includes Marketplace! However, you’ll have more services available to your agency on our Enterprise or Elite subscriptions – as these include access to our white-label fulfillment team, Digital Agency.
Will charges for the products I activate for clients be prorated?
No, we do not prorate. Your monthly invoice will include the full cost of all products activated during the current month. We recommend activating new clients during the beginning of the month, and deactivating cancellations towards the end.
What type of support comes with Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite?
For any software-related technical questions, our support team is available 8am EST – 5pm PST at 1-844-955-6650. Elite partners have unlimited 24/7 support.

Grow your revenue with Vendasta

You’re not just a client; you’re our partner – and we’re interested in your success. That’s why we’ll work with your company to make sure you see growth selling digital solutions to local businesses with our platform.

  • Our platform will lower your cost of customer acquisition, and help you focus on only the interested prospects.
  • Our marketplace will allow you to bolt on new digital revenue streams quickly, with little overhead.
  • Our white-label digital agency will help you scale up fulfillment.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship

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