Winning in a recession: Strategies for growing your agency’s sales

In times of economic uncertainty and rising costs, agencies like yours are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and close new business. In this on-demand webinar, our panel of experts shares new tactics for prospecting, closing, and upselling local business clients during an economic slowdown.

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Key takeaways

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Increase your prices. It sounds simple but getting profit margins in the right position to withstand a storm will be critical

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Focus less on your specific strategy and tactics and more on the customer and their needs will help you win in tough economic times

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Double down on your own marketing efforts and help prospective clients understand who you are and what you stand for when your competitors might be pulling back

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Not only do you need to super-serve your customers but super-serve your team as if they were your customers too. Employee retention will help you maintain service standards, keeping your clients happy

Featured speakers


Chris Beckwith-Taylor


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