Digital gold rush: Gordon Borrell on hidden sales opportunities


Strike a rich vein of digital opportunities with Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates. Watch the on-demand webinar to gain insights and strategies on how to tap into SMB customers that you may not even be aware of.

You’ll gain data-driven insights on:

Uncovering the golden generation: How the pandemic created a new wave of businesses
Prospecting the invisible market: How and where to find a rich vein of untapped businesses who need help
Demystifying digital services and understanding what your customers need
Refining your sales strategy: Adapting for the digital gold rush and changing buyer habits
The emergence of Amazon-like experiences in local markets and how you can strike it rich


Drew McLellan, CEO at Agency Management Institute

Gordon Borrell, CEO Borrell Associates

Jason Swenk, Agency Coach & Founder of Agency Mastery 360
Vishal Teckchandani, Senior Content Editor Vendasta Technologies

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