Bulletproof your Agency

Watch the on-demand 4-part series below featuring the Queen Bee of Marketing – Janice Christopher – from The Janice Christopher Marketing Agency.

She is here to showcase her strategies on how to prepare for the first meeting, establishing yourself as a consultant vs. a salesperson, building bulletproof digital marketing packages, and keeping your clients happy by proving ROI. Join the renowned expert Janice Christopher as she shares the secrets to bulletproofing your agency over four powerful workshops.

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Key takeaways

Four Workshops to Bulletproof your agency.

Establish your Presence as a Trusted Local Expert
  • How to set yourself up for success with a new prospect’s first meeting
  • Research and be prepared to tell the story of their needs
  • Educate the prospect on what you are seeing with data from the Snapshot Report
Setting Yourself up for Success as a Marketing Agency
  • Review your own marketing presence
  • Reviewing a local business’ website for optimal conversion
  • How to ensure your t’s crossed and i’s dotted for your business
Creating & Positioning your Digital Marketing Packages
  • How do you decide what you’re selling
  • Identify your Starter Packages
  • Set up your Store, utilize Proposal Builder, Payment System
How to Engage and Keep your Clients
  • Put together a powerful agenda for a monthly marketing meeting
  • Leverage the Executive Report to showcase ROI & uncover upsell opportunities
  • Get paid for your time as a consultant & retain the client

Featured speakers

Janice Christopher
The Janice Christopher Marketing Agency

Janice Christopher is no stranger to marketing, with 30 years of sales and brand management experience. Formerly a Certified Financial Planner, Janice decided to spread her wings and become a marketing consultant for small- to medium-sized businesses. As a business owner herself, she knows how to listen to clients, identify their needs – and then develop a strategy to help them WIN. But you catch more flies with honey, right? She has three different service models to get brands buzzing — based on just how much attention they need from our resident beekeepers. Janice is competitive, relationship-oriented and smart – out to sting the competition and get customers swarming to your door. Known as the Queen Bee of Marketing, Janice’s sweet-spot is taking the mystery out of marketing and bringing buzz to her client’s brands.

Colleen McGrath Headshot

Colleen McGrath
Senior Manager of Community, Vendasta

Colleen McGrath is the Senior Manager of Community at Vendasta. Her passion is bringing together industry professionals who share a common purpose in a virtual space to freely exchange information and interact with one another. She empowers agencies through on-demand learning that blends industry-leading strategy with practical application of knowledge.

On-demand workshop series

Below, you can watch replays of past session recordings from this series.

Establish your Presence as a Trusted Local Expert


Setting Yourself up for Success as a Marketing Agency


Creating & Positioning your Digital Marketing Packages


How to Engage and Keep your Clients