Branded content: The secret weapon for successful digital media companies


Julia Campbell, GM of Meta Branded Content Project, and Amber Nettles, Senior VP of Growth & Strategy at Chicago Reader, discuss the ins and outs of branded content in our latest webinar.

Enjoy these valuable resources discussed at the webinar: slide deck, branded content course, rebrandable sales decks, and the content marketing study.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Expert insights on the power of branded content to drive revenue and diversify revenue streams for media companies
Best practices for creating authentic branded content that aligns with your overall digital sales and transformation strategy
Pricing and packaging strategies for selling branded content and pitching it to brand partners effectively
Understanding of the metrics to track in order to measure the success of your branded content and optimize your offerings
Insights into how branded content fits into a publisher’s overall digital sales and transformation strategy, and how it can be tied to other digital solutions required by local advertisers.

Featured Speakers

Marcel Petitpas Headshot
Amber Nettles Senior VP of Growth & Strategy,
Chicago Reader
Colleen McGrath Headshot
Julia Campbell, General Manager,
The Meta Branded Content Project
Colleen McGrath Headshot
Vishal Teckchandani Content Editor,

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