Early Access Event: Agency Insights Report 2023


An exclusive first look at our research findings from hundreds of agencies. Rewatch to gain actionable insights on the latest industry trends, including AI adoption, profitability, client churn, sales teams, and more.

Without proper visibility on the current state of the industry, agencies are facing an uphill battle.

Our early access event for Vendasta’s 2023 Agency Insights Report is here to make the climb easier.

By providing a detailed analysis into how agencies are navigating the current landscape, this industry-leading report offers actionable insights that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Watch the replay above and gain these exclusive insights from top industry leaders during our dynamic panel discussion, as they share their expertise and real-world experiences on the latest strategies driving success for agencies today.

What you’ll learn:

How AI adoption is affecting agency revenue
Which service offerings are the most profitable in 2023
Biggest agency pain points based on size and revenue
Most effective sales channels for closing new business
Average churn rates, percentage of client work fulfilled in-house, sales team structures, client reporting stats, and more


Drew McLellan, CEO at Agency Management Institute
Drew McLellan, CEO Agency Management Institute
Jason Swenk, Agency Coach & Founder of Agency Mastery 360
Jason Swenk, Agency Coach & Founder Agency Mastery 360
Jenni White, Founder & CEO at Polaris Marketing & Consulting
Jenni White, Founder & CEO Polaris Marketing & Consulting
Will Palmer, Founder & CEO at Growth Lab
Will Palmer, Founder & CEO Growth Lab
Jacqueline Cook, COO at Vendasta
Jacqueline Cook, COO
Domenica Martinello, Content Marketing Specialist & Host, Vendasta
Domenica Martinello, Content Marketing Specialist & Host Vendasta