Prospecting with Vendasta: A winning strategy

Your success is our success. We’re giving you the recipe that will turn your prospects into clients by showing you exactly how to leverage the power of Vendasta’s sales enablement assets, product bundling strategy, sales narrative, and more.

With our winning prospecting strategy, your future clients will close faster, adopt more of your offering, and feel empowered to partner with you as their go-to digital marketing expert.

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Get your winning prospecting strategy


Our data-driven recipe will cover:

  • Snapshot Report: Turning conversations into needs assessments
  • Telling a story with Vendasta’s customer journey framework
  • Presenting solutions in a compelling way
  • Building a pro product and service bundling strategy
  • Vendasta’s six recommended bundling packages
  • A-la-carte selling from Vendasta’s Marketplace

Increase your win rates by turning prospects into clients.