The ‘Customer Journey Pro’ profitability calculator


High-margin-package-CalculatorCrunch the numbers on Vendasta’s Customer Journey Pro digital marketing product bundle that will allow you to grow your business in a profitable, predictable and repeatable way. This calculator serves as a tool to help you maximize your profits and support your clients with the marketing solutions they need to succeed online.


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What you’ll learn:

    • Discover new products to sell 

    • Master the art of pricing Vendasta’s marketing products within optimal margins for your business

    • Learn how to show clients the return on investment for the Customer Journey Pro bundle
WATCH: Vendasta Chief Operating Officer Jacqueline Cook provides a masterclass on how B2B sellers can create and price the high-margin Customer Journey Pro digital marketing bundle.


Break down your formula for B2B profitability and calculate your earnings selling the Customer Journey Pro digital marketing bundle today.

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