Lessons from the Digital Chasm

Data-Backed Tips for Boosting Small Business Tech Adoption

Technology has driven lasting changes across all industries in the past one year.

Despite the technological advancements, there remain several hurdles for SMBs in their digital journey. This primary research analyzes the data from Vendasta platform to understand how removing some of those critical challenges help small businesses take to digital in the long run.

The Key Findings

Users with free products, on average, are eight times more likely to be active on the Vendasta Business App on a weekly basis than those without. Monthly, this jumps to 18 times.

The larger the basket size of products SMBs have access to, the higher the chance of retention by Vendasta partners.
The completion rate for self learning courses for SMBs is far higher in 2021 than in 2020.

Lessons from the Digital Chasm

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