ISV client retention study


SaaS Retention vs. Churn

Success or failure is determined by how well independent software vendors (ISVs) handle 4 simple processes.
Taken from a data set of 200k SMBs and 1,200 partners, Vendasta set out to understand what caused our partners’ clients to stay with them or churn out.

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We discovered 4 simple processes determine failure or success.

  • Needs-based sales & marketing. Are you able to quantify your partners’ or prospects needs and provide the appropriate solutions?
  • Partner engagement. How often do you engage with partners during the customer journey?
  • Selling more than 1 or 2 solutions. How many challenges are you solving for your partners?
  • Comprehensive reporting. How well-rounded and timely is your proof of performance?

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Determine whether you will succeed or fail