The full-stack tech-first future


A report on the future of the SMB market

How changing perceptions and priorities around technology will transform how you go to market in the small-business martech marketplace.

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What’s inside

  • The shift to the cloud is generational, and as baby boomers retire, sell or transfer their businesses to heirs, millennials and Gen Y will have a completely different approach to running a business.
  • This tech-savvy, digital-native generation will want powerful tools for their business, and they will want them on their phones and in the cloud.
  • The new decision makers will want to buy packages of solutions—integrated and with bundled pricing advantages.

The implications of this shift for those selling digital marketing services to SMBs are profound. This paper will help you understand the coming shift and how to position your business as a technology-first, cloud-based, full-stack provider of solutions to SMBs.

Become indispensable. Position your business as a tech-first, cloud-based provider of solutions