The media executive’s guide to accelerate digital revenue

Media-Exec-Guide-Accelerate-Digital-Revenue-Mockup-300x259pxAs the shift to digital accelerates, media publishers are locked in a race against time to find new ways for survival.

Managers and sales leaders across local city and community-based publications have colossal challenges ahead of them. They must accelerate organizational change and find innovative solutions to meet buyers’ changing needs.

In this guide, learn how you can create a digital-first sales culture and build new revenue streams to thrive in a rapidly evolving buyer landscape.


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What you’ll learn:

    • Discover the steps you need to transition your sales team to digital
    • Explore a list of tangible first-hand and proven strategies and tactics you can apply immediately, and understand how other leaders have done it
    • Gain valuable insight on upskilling your sales team and defining new commission structures
    • How to set out on the road to revenue with Vendasta’s Marketplace of digital products ready to sell directly to your local business clients


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Thought leaders and media sales experts contribute their tactical approach to digital transformation throughout the guide.

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