Your Complete Guide to Conquering Email Campaign Marketing

Sick of underperforming emails? Download our tailored guide for agencies and access the experts’ top tips to boost opens, clicks and conversions across your email campaigns.

What's in the Guide

This guide is tailor-made for marketing agencies and contains:

• Multiple perspectives to help local experts maximize email engagement rates
• Useful sales and nurture templates for your business
• End-to-end coverage of common mistakes, best practices, metrics to watch and compliance-related content

We hope it helps you conquer email campaign marketing so that your business converts more leads.

Your Complete Guide to Conquering Email Campaign Marketing

You may not even be aware that Microsoft and Google are filtering your emails into your leads and customers’ junk and promotional folders, preventing your messages from being seen and your business from growing.


Common Mistakes

Discover the four common mistakes preventing your agency’s outreach emails from getting read by local businesses.


Best Practices

Learn the five critical steps for effective email campaign marketing and the different types of emails to send leads and prospects.


Metrics That Matter

We leverage experts’ insights about the top three email marketing metrics to watch, and top tips to improve them.

email campaign marketing spam laws

Compliance 101

Don’t be the careless agency that got fined US$60,000. Understand anti-spam laws, and how good compliance can actually help your agency.