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Partners who participate in Think Tanks, do their homework, and interact with other cloud brokers who are primed for success. We have dozens of examples of people saying this is the most valuable and effective training resource Vendasta has provided for them. 

Revenue & Retention

The more wins the partners score on these Think Tank sessions, the more they retain their customers and lower their churn.

Marketing Content

Through the Think Tanks, marketers can unlock a wealth of valuable content to use for lead generation and acquiring more customers.


The Think Tanks help partners build better brand perception and awareness. Utilizing the learnings from the Think Tank will help partners provide great training, create an engaged community for themselves, and ultimately help their customers succeed. 

What is the Conquer Local Think Tank?

The Conquer Local Think Tank is an immersive educational experience for ambitious cloud brokers. United by a desire to grow, learn, and succeed together, attendees are given a hands-on opportunity to learn directly from thought leaders in the local marketing space. 

The Think Tank is not a typical webinar. Attendees do not sit back and passively soak it in. 

It’s a live working session with Q&A, homework, and show & tell. Partners are encouraged to ask questions, agree or disagree, and share real-life examples from their own companies in the spirit of helping each other learn rapidly, experiment, and improve.


Working Sessions

The purpose of the Conquer Local Think Tank is to provide partners with incredibly valuable working sessions led by thought leaders in the local marketing space. 

1:1 Feedback

By participating, attendees get 1-on-1 time with top-shelf marketers and feedback from fellow cloud brokers in order to rapidly grow their businesses.

Industry-leading Surprise Guests

The Think Tank sessions have special guests on them, who provide best-in-class industry expertise and practical examples. 

Hands-on Learning

The presence of role playing training sessions, as well as breakout rooms, provide accountability, partner feedback, and impart a more hand-on learning experience.

Grow Your Business

“Together we grow” isn’t just a warm and fuzzy tagline at Vendasta—it’s the essence of what makes the Think Tank valuable. Together with top-tier instructors and fellow cloud brokers, our partners will learn how to grow their businesses and get practice doing it.

Engaging Instructors

Think Tank Instructors have to meet a high bar. Not only must they have compelling content, but they must be engaging presenters. 

Think Tank Hosts

Renowned digital marketing expert, Dennis Yu, was chosen as the first Think Tank instructor given his reputation as a world-class speaker at virtually every industry conference. 

Not only does Dennis provide immense value to the participants on the Think Tanks, but he also provides everyone with ample resources and expertise when it comes to starting, growing, and scaling their digital marketing agencies.

Who can attend the Think Tank?

The Think Tank is available to ALL Vendasta partners and prospects.

All sessions are recorded and turned into blogs and videos for anyone to watch. All 19 sessions, as well as the resources, from the first season can be found in the Conquer Local Academy.

In that way, the content is available and useful for lead generation and partner coaching.

Marketing Maven

You have the passion; we have the knowledge. We’ll share everything we know to shape you into the total package. 


You have the drive; we have the tools. Our free toolkit will ensure your horsepower runs as strong as your hustle. 


You have the vision; we have the experience. With everything you need to get your agency started from home, we’ve got you covered from the get-go.

What does Season 2 have in store?

Triple Your Perceived Value

Learn the difference between perceived value and actual value and how to manage both. This is where Dennis will share his expertise about how you can build your social authority!

The Million-Dollar Client

Dennis will reveal his secrets of how you and your digital marketing agency can scope, navigate, and finally close the deal to get that one big fish that is worth 100 small fishes.

Rescue Failing Projects

Get some personal insights from Dennis Yu on how to salvage a failing project that is near and dear to your heart. We’re sure you’ve been in that position one time or the other.

Plus many more such topics that will help you grow your digital marketing agency!


I know it’s not Friday, but a weekly win for me was seriously that webinar with Dennis Yu. It’s literally everything I’ve known for a while, just having it all together, and having someone with authority tell you “YES, THIS IS THE WAY FORWARD.”

So often in this agency life, there is just TOO MANY different things that work, and so many ways to go about something. This direction was the final piece that put together how I want to proceed that fits perfectly with my product offerings, and reduces a TON of friction I’ve had with my current set of product offerings/processes, and my goals for myself and clients.

Micheal Pacitto

Chief Executive Officer, Market Pie

Secure your spot in Conquer Local Think Tank Season 2.

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