Are You a Cloud Broker? ☁️

It’s a 132 billion dollar market opportunity, find out how close you are to earning your share.

Cloud brokers are the face and the future of the B2B model.

66% of businesses purchasing B2B solutions would prefer a single solution provider, and a further 51% have already switched or are currently looking to switch. As a B2B selling a point solution, you can expect a retention rate of 30% over the span of 2 years; however, a B2B selling 4 products will experience a retention rate of 80%.

The more products you can offer, the more needs you can meet, and the stronger your client relationship becomes.

That’s the cloud broker advantage.

What’s inside?

  • The 4 primary cloud broker audit categories
  • A checklist of the 19 components that comprise the modern cloud broker
  • Next steps for businesses that may not yet be cloud brokers

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Tomorrow's successes will be written by today's cloud brokers.