Comporium Media Services is a renowned multimedia services provider that has been in the business of connecting buyers and sellers for over 50 years, serving 17 local markets in the southeastern United States. Comporium specializes in helping local businesses create successful online marketing strategies through digital agency solutions.

Business goals:

  • Create one hub for all their business customers
  • Offer services efficiently and at scale
  • Increase their digital revenue by 62% from the year prior

Utilizing the Snapshot Reports with Marketing Automation and Reputation Management as a core service in our offerings made a significant impact on helping us achieve this growth.

David Little

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Comporium Media Services

The results:

Comporium experienced an 82% increase in digital revenue within the first year, 20% higher than their goal. Since then, revenue has consistently increased 35% year over year for the past 6 years with Vendasta.


results comporium media services case study

Best-selling products:

Reputation Management Icon

Reputation Management

Listing Distribution

Website Pro


Today, Comporium has incorporated nearly all of Vendasta’s foundational products into the marketing stacks for their clients. In many cases, the products are bundled into their tiered options for Local Search and Website/SEO services. This strategy allows Comporium to increase their average revenue per account (ARPA) and showcase proof of performance with a built-in brandable client portal.


Vendasta’s approach to working with you as a partner – not just a customer – was refreshing.

David Little

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Comporium Media Services

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