The keys to enhancing agency sales performance

Close better deals with better outreach

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Conquer Local Connect March 2023

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Reinventing sales: The future of sales enablement in the digital age


The evolution of sales outreach: How technology is changing the game for agencies


Solving the problem of pipeline generation and conversion


How B2B sales leaders are using Yesware to power sales productivity and drive revenue


2023 Releases recap


Power your sales conversations with AI technology from Chat Essential


10X your sales with proven email outreach strategies


Getting started with Yesware campaigns



Transform your sales outreach strategy with the power of automation

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Conquer Local Connect October 2022

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Digital is no longer an option with Heather Thomson

Your new million-dollar pitch deck for selling digital


Selling a high-margin online presence package


How to grow profitably with digital


The powerful benefits of SEO in a high-margin package


Package, personalize, rinse, repeat.


Conquer Local Connect June 2022

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Keynote: How agencies can build a scalable, predictable sales machine

Roberge 5 step sales process

Keynote: The recipe to sales success


Product demo: Automations in action


Partner panel: Using dynamic and personalized content to fuel growth


5 birds 1 stone: How one automation can reduce administrative work


The keys to winning better customers | A George Leith Masterclass