You’ve found the
secret gate to Berry Town!

You’ve found the secret gate to Berry Town!
We’re so glad you have come.
It’s such a lovely, lively place.
Mane Street is so much fun!

The animals are strolling.
Looking for what they need.
Whether it’s a haircut, gym or theatre.
Maybe something on which to feed…

Down the way a little bit.
Near Jungle Street and Mane.
There’s a little hidden shop.
You can’t even read its name…

Wait…what’s that on the ground? A piece of paper with a mysterious code!

Use your secret code to figure out the name of the hidden shop.


Inside the shop is beautiful!
It’s colourful and fun.
But when you search for it online.
You can’t find anyone!

You say to Mr. Penguin,
“You need to build a site.
Using words like, ‘Berry Town ice cream’.
And add a shopping cart, alright?

Use your secret code to uncover the feature
Mr. Penguin adds to his new website with your help.


Now customers can get info.
And finally find the place.
Animals are lining up.
You should see the owner’s face!

The animals sure love it.
They think the shop is cool.
Maybe they can help some more.
If Mr. Penguin uses this tool…

Mr. Penguin can send his customers a text message or email.
What should he ask from them?


Mr. Penguin loves his newfound fame.
He’s cheering. Hip-hooray!
Thanks to all your help online.
His business lives today.

Businesses like Penguin’s
Need digital tools to grow.
To help them with their presence.
And keep them in the know.

the end…

There are hundreds of people at Vendasta who build code to help shops like Mr. Penguin’s. An important part of a developer’s job is making sure everything is secure. They use secret codes like what we used in this story! 

Did you know, the science of making and breaking secret codes is called “cryptography”?

Cryptography is one way that computer programmers help keep your information secret and secure when you’re online. 

Every time you connect to a Wi-Fi network or use a website, your information is kept safe by encoding it into a kind of secret message. Only you and the computer you are sending data to know what this secret message says and how to decode it.  

Cryptography is just one way to stay safe on the internet!

If you want to learn more about computer programming and security try this activity to generate a more secure password using a computer language called Python:

YOur secret code

Now you can use your secret code to write messages to your friends!

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