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Vendasta is a fast-growing platform company that revolutionizes how digital products and services are delivered to small and medium businesses, SMBs.

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Strategic growth through acquisitions

As we work to democratize technology for small businesses, we’re solving huge industry problems. SMBs turn to trusted channel partners like marketing agencies and consultants to provide solutions and expertise, but these experts lack the tools they need to scale. We solve problems for SMBs, and the resellers they trust to grow their business. We accelerate growth for us, our partners, and their clients through strategic acquisitions. Each acquisition is essential for our partners.

SMB Challenges

  • Time-starved
  • Lack of expertise
  • Overwhelmed
  • Too many logins
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Complex integrations

Reseller Challenges

  • Can’t meet more client needs
  • Can’t scale operations
  • Can’t unify client experience

We accelerate growth for us, our partners, and their clients through strategic acquisitions. Each acquisition is essential for our partners.

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Vendasta brands

October 2021

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CalendarHero provides powerful meeting scheduling software that helps businesses automate their entire meeting workflow. The technology improves both platform functionality and can be sold independently via Vendasta’s marketplace.

CalendarHero offers attendee insights, so you can be most prepared with data and meeting briefings that include attendee details from your ATS or CRM. Automated scheduling makes it easy to book any meeting without the back and forth. And powerful integrations connect with your tech stack to automate your meeting tasks like video conferencing and file search.

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For nearly a quarter of a century, MatchCraft has worked with hundreds of teams and agencies around the globe to help them achieve high-performing digital media campaigns for their local business advertisers. By providing best-in-class advertising technology, MatchCraft enables reseller and agency partners to successfully sell and manage paid search, social, and display campaigns at scale.

MatchCraft’s sophisticated real-time bidding algorithms, multi-channel campaigns, integrated API technology, and a team of digital marketing experts, work relentlessly to deliver exceptional results for merchants around the world. MatchCraft is a fully remote company with team members across the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and India.

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January 2022

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October 2022

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Yesware provides a robust set of tools for sales teams to track email outreach activity, rapidly test what does and doesn’t work, and share that data across teams to drive better results, faster. The technology significantly advances Vendasta’s platform roadmap.

Yesware, founded in 2010, brings a tenured team with industry-leading experience and a complementary customer base to Vendasta. Yesware’s CEO, Joel Stevenson, brings much experience in building B2B business. Prior to his tenure at Yesware, he founded Wayfair’s B2B division growing it to over $400M in annual revenue and laying the groundwork for a division that now generates over 1.5B in annual revenue.

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