Former publisher turned San Francisco marketing agency leverages all-in-one platform to generate $236K in digital revenue

San Francisco-based digital agency Cyrusson was founded in 2019

Former Spanish print advertiser makes the move to digital to support local businesses with a full spectrum of online presence solutions

The Challenge:
To combat a steady decline in publishing revenue, print advertiser Darryl Navarrete seeks the tools and support he needs to provide online presence solutions to his local business clients. Founding San Francisco marketing agency Cyrusson in 2019, Navarrete partners with Vendasta to take his business to the next level.

Vendasta has everything you need to generate new business and expand your product offering.

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With a background in Spanish-language print advertising, magazine publisher Darryl Navarrete had to combat a steady decline in publishing revenue. He made the move to found his San Francisco marketing agency, Cyrusson, in 2019. 

While putting himself through training to resell digital PPC solutions he discovered Vendasta through a word-of-mouth referral. After finding out more about the platform, he set out to partner with Vendasta to build his business from the ground up.

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Partnering with Vendasta gave San Francisco marketing agency Cyrusson the ability to:

  • Successfully transition from traditional print advertising to digital marketing
  • Generate new business with the tools, technology, and support needed to scale
  • Reduce vendor clutter and access a vetted Marketplace of 250+ digital solutions in one place

The approach

An all-in-one platform to go from prospecting to scaling

Navarrete was drawn to the Vendasta platform’s ease of use and built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system.

“One of the main things I love about Vendasta is the CRM. To maintain positive interactions with my clients, communication is everything, and it was important for me to be able to log all of those activities in one place,” Navarrete says.

The platform also gave Cyrusson the power to automate its lead generation efforts, cutting down on the manual toil behind its own marketing to attract new business.

Accessing a curated Marketplace of 250+ digital solutions

Instead of managing relationships with multiple digital solution vendors, Cyrusson was able to source its product offering from a one-stop shop with hundreds of curated solutions to offer his clients.

“You could be dealing with 10 different vendors and you don’t always know if they’re reputable,” Navarrete says. He continues, “With Vendasta’s Marketplace, you know you’re getting better value. I used to work with freelancers and it’s a night and day difference compared to companies that have gone through Vendasta’s rigorous vetting. The results are better.”

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San Fransisco marketing agency practices what they preach

According to Navarrete, a key to their digital agency’s success has been focusing on their own digital marketing efforts in order to best serve their clients.

“As an agency owner, I think it’s very important to practice what we preach. I think you have to set the example of what your clients can expect you to do for them.”

“We manage our social media, we have SEO campaigns, we’ve run advertising campaigns and all of that working together has helped us bring on more clients. Agencies are hesitant to invest in their own businesses especially if they’re starting out, but how can you expect clients to do it if you’re not doing it yourself?” Navarrete asks.

This strategy can also help Vendasta partners learn more about what it’s like to receive services from or use a particular digital product themselves. This gives them the opportunity to pass those learnings on, to the benefit of their clients.

Helping local businesses find success online

Offering a full spectrum of digital services, Cyrusson’s digital solution bundles include digital advertising, SEO white label services, and website reseller services.

Although Cyrusson supports clients in a variety of verticals including the travel, legal, and cannabis industries, one particular success story of an insurance franchisee stands out when Navarrete contemplates the impact his Vendasta partnership has had on his clients.

“My parents are franchisees, and the insurance franchise is supposed to provide you with leads. For about six months, they had stopped coming in. We started running digital ad campaigns, and now they’re getting more than 10-15 leads a month and many phone calls,” he explains with a smile. 

“The majority of the business they sign has come from Cyrusson’s ads. That’s done through the Vendasta Marketplace. It is amazing, right? It’s really helping them.”

Headshot of San Francisco Marketing Agency Founder Darryl Navarrete from Cyrusson

“The Vendasta team provides great customer support to their partners with very quick responses. I appreciate the ongoing strategic guidance to determine the best marketing options for my clients.”

Darryl Navarrete
Founder and CEO, CYRUSSON

Cyrusson’s best-selling digital products

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The conclusion

Cyrusson takes pride in building true partnerships with clients who rely on them for support. 

“My ideal client is the client that hasn’t done anything. Building all of their digital marketing from scratch is really fun to me.”

Navarrete looks forward to delivering more comprehensive digital marketing services to clients through the Vendasta platform in 2023 and beyond.


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