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Founded in early 2020, AgeEnvy is based in Tampa, FL

Digital experts helping aesthetic medicine providers grow their practice

Serving B2C and B2B as educational, medically reviewed, unbiased online directory marketers

The Challenge:

AgeEnvy Founder and President Ralph Smith takes healthcare marketing very seriously. He says that if he and his team are not helping providers specializing in aesthetic, integrative, and functional medicine grow within their communities, they are not doing their job.

But sometimes, doing your job too well can lead to new opportunities and challenges.

For example, every single medical provider has their own unique strengths and gaps. As AgeEnvy’s network of valued providers grew, continuing to offer à-la-carte digital services and solutions was simply not scalable.

With Vendasta, Smith was able to develop a new growth model and a plan to roll out a scalable packaging strategy that’s more digestible for his clients.

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AgeEnvy’s website launched in January 2020. Two months later, Smith (along with the rest of the world) was suddenly navigating uncharted territory. 

“When I started, I really wanted to have an informative platform that educates our users,” says Smith. “I didn’t really want a digital marketing agency unless I had some help, because there’s a lot of heavy lifting that goes into that.” When Smith discovered Vendasta, he realized the platform made the lift significantly lighter, allowing AgeEnvy to become a full-fledged digital agency and healthcare marketing ecosystem.

Serving medical providers, Smith and his team offer doctors and practitioners an all-in-one digital platform for building their online reputation, engaging new patients, booking appointments, and more. In turn, AgeEnvy is the trusted destination Smith first envisioned. People come to their directory to learn about various treatment options, share their personal experiences, and connect directly with providers.

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By partnering with Vendasta, AgeEnvy hoped to:

  • Narrow down four attractive digital solution packages to scale the B2B side of business
  • Increase monthly recurring revenue by bundling products for clients in an easy and digestible way
  • Adopt a product-led growth strategy to onboard more clients getting started with healthcare marketing and expanding from there

The approach

Leverage Vendasta’s Partner Development Manager as the go-to growth expert

The big need was not only to implement a packaging strategy for digital solutions to move away from à-la-carte. It was also to gain buy-in from medical partners and simplify the process for them. “All they need to know is that with our listing management, they’re going to have optimized listings published across a hundred directories,” says Smith. “They don’t need to get lost in the weeds with every product and feature that gets turned on” to bolster their healthcare marketing.

AgeEnvy’s Partner Development Manager (PDM) Gracen has been instrumental in creating the positioning around easy-to-digest client packages.

“Partnering with Vendasta has brought so many different value adds, but most importantly, we look at Vendasta and specifically Gracen as an integrated partner. We have weekly calls with her and we consider her part of our team,” Smith raves.

Gracen, an expert on Vendasta’s tools and capabilities, has also gone to great lengths to understand AgeEnvy’s business model alongside healthcare marketing. Smith compares it to having a second project manager on the team, except not on his payroll, which saves him a lot of money.

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Clearly define the value AgeEnvy brings medical providers as trusted local experts

The first thing the team did, with the help of Vendasta’s PDM Gracen, was work on simplifying AgeEnvy’s positioning: who they are, what they do, and why medical providers need to be a part of their network. Gracen even created a presentation deck for AgeEnvy to use at conventions that clearly and quickly communicates their value.

Smith is also proud of AgeEnvy’s new brochures with ROI at the front and center. He notes that, while “so many digital products have enabled [AgeEnvy] to really scale the providers,” their provider-clients need to understand the benefits in a different way. Being product-led in healthcare marketing doesn’t necessarily mean leading client conversations discussing products.

“We show them that they’re going to be optimized on Healthgrades, WebMD, Doctor.com, that their reputation is going to be protected. Those are the talking points that they appreciate… if on top of that we’re also getting them new patients through acquisition strategies, they’re happy to pay.”

Four simple, attractive packages for scalability

AgeEnvy then adopted a new growth strategy by creating four digital success packages, so that every provider has an entry point and can scale up as needed.

Each package addresses a well-rounded, interconnected set of digital marketing necessities specific to medical providers, fully up-to-date with healthcare marketing best practices, and at different service-level offerings. Some are DIY, while others are fully managed. AgeEnvy was even able to add their own custom offering (AgeEnvy Provider Profile Landing Page) to Vendasta’s Marketplace to be sold and bundled with other digital products.

Gracen is assisting Smith and his team with the research, development, implementation, and rollout of these packages, which is slated for early 2023.

“She’s always keeping us abreast of the newest and latest vendors within the Vendasta ecosystem. Most recently, she’s added a lot of value with developing our SEO program,” says Ralph. “She makes sure new products are a good fit for our business model.” In turn, AgeEnvy now offers sophisticated on-site and off-site SEO strategies as part of their bundles.

Headshot of Founder and President of AgeEnvy Ralph Smith

“We have a very unique use case and a very unique business model. Vendasta has been open and willing to hear my challenges and my desires to make this a successful relationship… I know we would not be where we’re at right now with our growth model if it wasn’t for Gracen [and Vendasta].”

Ralph Smith
Founder and president, ageenvy

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AgeEnvy Provider Profile Landing Page

Reputation Management

Listing Distribution

The conclusion

From initially not being keen on starting a digital agency in the first place, to having COVID-19 sweep the globe two months after launching their healthcare marketing endeavor, it’s been quite a journey for Smith and the AgeEnvy team. Two years in, AgeEnvy is thriving and looking forward to the adventure that awaits in 2023 when they fully launch and promote their bundles.

“I never had a desire to have an agency because I’ve dealt with agencies for 15 years and they’re a dime a dozen… It’s a very tough space, especially in healthcare [marketing],” Smith ruminates. But AgeEnvy is so much more, and still evolving.

“Gracen has really helped take AgeEnvy and Vendasta’s relationship to the next level.” And AgeEnvy is perfectly poised to continue leveling up in 2023.


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