Digital marketer on track for $1M in revenue

Polaris Marketing, founded in 2016, is based in Burbank, CA

Full-stack digital marketing agency

City of Los Angeles certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

The Challenge:
As a full-stack digital marketing agency, Polaris Marketing was fueled by big talent, big creativity, and big potential. But for the agency to truly launch into a growth phase, they needed to invest in a partnership that could provide more visibility, establish credibility and expertise, and create beautiful digital doorways to attract and convert customers.

Scale from $250K gross revenue in year one to $1M by year three

gross annual
Grow revenue faster than costs by optimizing your lead-generation efforts.
client retention
Beautiful online experiences and a seamless custom-branded dashboard ensures new business sticks.
When you’re ready to expand your offering, grow revenue with 250+ Marketplace products


As a digital marketer, Jenni White‘s mentality is “if you can click it, we can build it.” 

From managed WordPress hosting to local search engine optimization, White fully invests in her customers’ success. But when it came to investing in taking Polaris Marketing to the next level as a full-stack marketing agency, she was more wary. “It seemed like a big investment,” White admits. 

When White took the plunge with Vendasta a few years after the initial conversation, she was finally ready to make a splash and ramp up her business capacity. Though it was a considered decision, Polaris Marketing’s success quickly surpassed expectations. This year, they are on track to hit $1M in gross revenue.

digital marketer website on mobile (800 × 650 px)


When Polaris Marketing decided to partner with Vendasta in late 2020, they needed:

  • A platform with the tools, technology, resources, and training to scale the agency
  • White-label web design to organically attract prospects and reflect brand excellence
  • The training and mentorship of a dedicated Partner Development Manager to upskill and ensure sustainable growth

The approach

Brand awareness and confidence

To get customers excited to be “Powered by Polaris” and build brand credibility, Polaris Marketing needed Vendasta’s web design services to refresh their website to reflect their decades of experience. As a digital marketer, White knew how impactful a digital doorway could be for attracting and retaining business.

“I have actually gotten a lot of clients just because of the website that we built with Vendasta,” she says. “People take a look and have confidence in me and my abilities and my team’s abilities.”


Joining a community of experts

Though White is a successful entrepreneur with a robust background in marketing and tech, digital marketing was an exciting space of ongoing learning. However, White’s partnership with Vendasta ensured that training and upskilling would not impede growth.

“It really helped me feel secure in the decision [to partner with Vendasta],” White says of having a dedicated Partner Development Manager to help guide her and her team.

“I think that account relationship and touchpoint is probably the secret to [Vendasta’s] success.”

 “I would say that my partnership with Vendasta was really the catalyst to get me to move into fully launching my agency.”

Jenni White



All-in-one platform

Grow revenue faster than costs by automating your lead-generation efforts. Vendasta’s platform is perfectly suited to the success of a full-stack marketing agency, with everything needed to create incredible online experiences for your customers, and integrated technology that takes you from prospecting to scaling.

“I mean, now I’ve seen the potential and the way that it just grows on its own,” White says.

Vendasta agency in a box

Endless potential in the Marketplace

With over 250 products in the Marketplace, White has successfully created recurring customers by upselling them with bundles of tailored solutions.

Polaris Marketing has made $100K in Marketplace revenue so far in 2022, but White knows she can increase that number. “I think I’ve barely scratched the surface,” she says. “I think I’m in this comfort zone.”

One of the huge benefits to having a dedicated Partner Development Manager is their product expertise and mentorship.

Best-selling products:

listing distribution

Google Workspace

Help clients increase productivity, enhance collaboration and save time by reselling Google Workspace.

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Social Marketing

Social Marketing

A social media marketing tool built to help you elevate your social strategy.

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Reputation Management Logo

Website Pro

Build fast, secure, and beautiful WordPress websites for your clients’ businesses.

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SEO Network

SEO Network

Help you clients rank higher online for their keywords

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The result

gross annual
client account


With a plan to focus more heavily on ecommerce next year and on track to make some big revenue goals, Polaris Marketing’s future is as bright as the North Star. Additionally, the full-stack marketing agency has been certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) through the City of Los Angeles, opening up even more opportunities.

“I’m working with the city, county, and state’s different procurement offices in terms of gaining some governance contracts,” White says.

With her expert team behind her, Polaris Marketing is poised for big things.

“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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