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Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, OctoHub was founded in 2021

Software-as-a-service (Saas) provider and agency serving 2100+ clients

icon-currency  Focuses on SMBs seeking to affordably attract more customers

The Challenge:

OctoHub Founder Scott Sanderson was in the midst of building a tech stack to offer local business clients when he discovered Vendasta. Rather than continue building solutions in house, he partnered with Vendasta as a means to reduce overhead. In turn, he was able to focus on serving his small-business clients.

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Scott Sanderson built his agency OctoHub to serve small-business clients who couldn’t afford to hire big-budget agencies. While in the process of developing his own stack of digital solutions to serve his clients, Sanderson made the decision to partner with Vendasta. After all, Vendasta already had a Marketplace of over 250 digital solutions he could resell. He didn’t need to build them from scratch.
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By partnering with Vendasta, Sanderson hoped to: 

  • Decrease overhead and reduce vendor clutter with an all-in-one platform
  • Expand OctoHub’s offering with pre-vetted digital solutions that every local business needs
  • Leverage a built-in CRM to manage pipeline

The approach

Land and expand with an all-in-one platform

According to Sanderson, OctoHub uses a “land and expand” strategy for client acquisition: They get their foot in the door with small businesses like breweries, travel agents, and local restaurants early on. By partnering with these “micro” businesses when they’re just starting out, he can use foundational digital marketing tools from Vendasta’s Marketplace, such as reputation management software, local listing management software, and a reputation builder, to deliver impactful results. 

By getting in early, Sanderson says he is able to build trust and help these businesses expand more quickly. This is compared to targeting businesses that are already more established.

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Leveraging an integrated CRM to supercharge the sales process

In addition to keeping his own development costs low by reselling Marketplace solutions, Sanderson has been able to keep overhead even lower by managing a remote sales team through Vendasta’s CRM. For Sanderson, it’s been a big part of managing his virtual business effectively.

“The Vendasta platform provides [a central hub]. We have dashboards showing you who’s moving people through their opportunity funnel, who’s adding accounts, and what’s happening with the engagement levels on these emails. So I think even when you look at it from a CRM perspective, it’s doing all the heavy lifting and you can look into it from afar,” Sanderson says.

Beyond that, Sanderson says the partnership he’s managed to build with the Vendasta team has been his secret weapon to success.

Headshot of digital agency revenue expert and OctoHub founder Scott Sanderson

“Having a dedicated rep I think is a really important part. The relationship you end up building with your rep over time, they’re a part of your business.”

Scott Sanderson
Founder, OCTOHUB

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The conclusion

As a local business owner himself, Sanderson is all too familiar with the day-to-day tasks that plague operators and stop them from growing their businesses.

“Outside of that digital marketing arena, Vendasta is moving forward to find best-of-breed suppliers. We can put our stamp of endorsement on these solutions with confidence and take them to our clients.”

“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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