Consolidating the tech stack and earning $486K in revenue with Vendasta

Founded in 2012, Spin Markket is an Iowa-based digital agency

Provides marketing and comms services for a variety of businesses

 Philosophy to empower organizations to embrace digital

The Challenge:

Spin Markket Founder and CEO Cheryl O’Hern had become frustrated by mounting costs and the hassle that came with managing multiple vendor solutions to run her agency. She partnered with Vendasta in 2019, gaining both peace of mind and a true partnership for her business.

Vendasta works with agencies to accelerate their growth, turning success into a process.

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With decades of marketing and communications experience under her belt, Cheryl O’Hern serves as the CEO and Founder of leading Iowa-based marketing agency Spin Markket. 

Unimpressed with mounting costs and too many hours spent trying to make different agency management software solutions work together, Cheryl connected with Vendasta in 2019. She was hoping to consolidate her tech stack, so she could run her business more efficiently.

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Through her partnership with Vendasta, O’Hern hoped to:

  • Consolidate her tech stack, relying on a single integrated platform to best serve her clients
  • Gain access to a Marketplace of digital solutions to support her clients with their online needs and a team of marketing experts at Vendasta to help her fulfill on those solutions
  • Build a meaningful relationship with her partner development manager to advance her agency growth strategy and help her train her team to better serve their clients

The approach


For years, O’Hern tried to cobble together different agency software solutions, like HubSpot, Yext, and AdRoll, to get the functionality she needed to serve her clients.

Cutting costs and streamlining operations with tech stack consolidation

Costs became increasingly unmanageable. O’Hern hoped to operate her businesses with a single consolidated solution. As a partner, Cheryl was able to leverage:

  • Vendasta’s integrated sales CRM to manage her pipeline
  • Vendasta’s software Marketplace to sell vetted solutions
  • Billing and task management to manage her agency efficiently


A rebrandable client portal to easily prove performance to her clients

Training and upskilling agency staff

O’Hern has built quite a reputation for herself as the agency of record in her area for young and eager marketing interns. She enables new marketers to cut their teeth, do great work, and learn from one of the best in the business. 

Diving into the platform can seem overwhelming to some. The Spin Markket team relied on the training and education materials provided to get up to speed. 

“I would say the education part is key. Whether it’s the tutorials, the Conquer Local academy and ecosystem, or the weekly newsletters. There is much to learn from and it’s beneficial for my team,” O’Hern says.

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Accessing a team of in-house digital marketing experts

Above all else, Spin Markket values the relationship they’ve built with their dedicated account manager over all else. 

O’Hern relies on her partner development manager for timely updates on advancements being made to the technology. She also appreciates the opportunity to leverage her Vendasta meetings to brainstorm ideas that inform her agency growth strategy.  

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“The connection with our partner development manager is fantastic. We value the opportunity to brainstorm our strategy and to come up with new processes for improvement.”

Cheryl O’Hern
CEO & Founder, SPin MARKKET

Sell from a Marketplace of 250+ vetted digital solutions

Listing Distribution
SEO Solutions
Reputation Management

The conclusion

Not only has Cheryl’s digital solutions sales continued to grow, but she looks forward to advancing her team towards a needs-based sales approach. It’s a strategy she now feels equipped to deliver on, thanks to the more than 250 solutions in Vendasta’s white label software marketplace.
“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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