White-label agency creates a new Marketplace solution and generates $80K+

Founded in 2010, Quantum is based in Raleigh, NC and Tampa, FL

Marketing agency specializing in white-label products for other agencies

Winner of the Local Impact Award for Innovation in 2022

The Challenge:

Quantum Agency serves other agencies looking for white-label products. They leverage Vendasta’s Marketplace to offer SEO white-label services alongside reputation, listings, and social media management (RLS) solutions. 

In 2015, Quantum Agency started a separate software company and began developing a white-label SEO solution to integrate into the Vendasta Marketplace. They wanted to achieve a specific goal to complement their use of the core RLS offering⁠—namely, to help their agency partners climb to the top spot in the Google Map Pack and organic search rankings.

A hybrid partner-vendor relationship with Vendasta yields big results

gross Marketplace
Close clients and access the tools, technology, marketing, and collateral to scale and fast-track success.
Create incredible online experiences for your clients with integrated tech that delivers results and reduces churn.
activations in
< 1 year
Generate additional revenue as a Marketplace vendor. 1000s of Channel Partners buy solutions from the Vendasta Marketplace.


Quantum Agency is a white-label agency, providing websites, hosting, SEO, PPC, and social marketing services that other agencies can sell under their brands.

In addition to building their own solutions, Quantum Agency has successfully leveraged Vendasta’s core Marketplace offerings for their white-label SEO campaigns dating back to 2016. Results have been consistent and high-performing.

However, over the course of the growing partnership, they noticed a specific area of opportunity: Google Map Pack rankings and organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

“There were components missing from the Marketplace that we needed to move the needle for our clients,” Managing Partner Lane Houk says.

“So we started development on a fully integrated solution that would complement Vendasta’s core reputation, listings, and social media management offering.”

Agency owner explains the benefit of white-label SEO to a local business client


Working with Vendasta, Quantum Agency was looking to benefit as a partner and innovate as a vendor by:

  • Using Vendasta’s core Marketplace offerings as a powerful component of their SEO campaigns
  • Creating a new white-label SEO solution to fill a gap and capitalize on the opportunity to get agency clients ranking on Google Map Pack and in organic search
  • Leveraging the reach and credibility of Vendasta’s Marketplace to live-test the new, fully integrated solution
  • Generating additional revenue as a vendor to complement the $80K+ gross Marketplace revenue they were already making by reselling existing solutions

The approach

Earning the title of innovators with Brand Signals

How does the implementation of white-label products and solutions differentiate Quantum Agency from their competitors?

“We leverage SEO automations, web presence technology, including a sophisticated media room, and digital PR with a powerful news, media, and radio station network,” asserts Houk, “and over 25 years of SEO knowledge, research, and development.”

The agency clearly has an unparalleled track record of innovation and experience.

But how to test, gather feedback, and launch a new offering such as Brand Signals?


Reach and credibility by launching in Vendasta’s Marketplace

By launching in the Vendasta Marketplace, Quantum was able to live-test their solution with a wide audience while building on their credibility and expertise. 

“The outcome has been nothing short of amazing when you combine real ranking results that have been quantified over and over with the efficiencies and the economic advantages of the platform,” Houk says.

“Testing our solution [Brand Signals] live in the Marketplace with 1000s of agencies and SMBs has been nothing short of amazing… raving testimonials and near zero attrition or churn.”

Lane Houk


Best-selling products

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Brand Signals

A Digital PR, SEO and Web Presence solution that is quick way to rank brand assets online.
Reputation Management Logo

Yext Listing Sync Pro

Instantly enhance the accuracy of local business listings and suppress duplicate listings with Listing Sync Pro.

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listing distribution

Listing Distribution

The single source of truth for local business listings

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Social Marketing

A social media marketing tool built to help you elevate your social strategy.

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The result

Brand Signals has enjoyed incredible results in the Vendasta Marketplace so far. “The resulting change in incoming leads and new business for an SMB that gains page one in Google Map Packs,” which is the ultimate goal that drove Quantum agency to create the solution, “is substantial and quantifiable,” says Houk.
gross Marketplace
activations in
< 1 year


“Our software platform and solution has raving testimonials and near zero attrition or churn,” Houk says.

“The Brand Signals solution is now fully live for all partners in the Marketplace and all demos and activations so far have returned extremely positive feedback.”

And it’s just the beginning.

Bringing white-label products to the Vendasta Marketplace is a win for all partners. All it took was an innovative agency like Quantum to bridge the gap.

“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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