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Founded in 1999, E-Marketing Associates is a full-service agency

Serving pallet manufacturers, auto body repair shops, and hotels

Vendasta partner since 2017

The Challenge:
E-Marketing Associates was looking for a comprehensive solution to consolidate their operations, improve their digital marketing services, and effectively address the need for easy-to-use reporting for their clients. They were looking for an all-in-one solution that could help them expand their business and allow them to maintain enduring relationships with their clients.

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Mitch Woolley, Founder and CEO of E-Marketing Associates, built his company with a strong emphasis on customer relationships and tailored marketing solutions. Over time, as the digital landscape evolved, Mitch faced the challenge of making it easy for his clients to access reporting across multiple areas of digital marketing. He understood how important it was to establish credibility by communicating the results his agency was delivering.

Mitch was on a mission to better serve his clients by providing them with a centralized dashboard for their digital reporting. Rather than pursue the time-consuming and costly endeavor to piece it together or develop such a solution in house, Mitch searched online and discovered Vendasta.

Vendasta’s platform allowed Mitch and his team to easily manage clients’ campaigns, track performance, and generate reports. This decision not only enabled E-Marketing Associates to offer a more efficient and holistic service to their clients but also helped them grow their business while building trust and fostering long-lasting relationships.

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To enhance E-Marketing Associates’ services and streamline operations, Mitch Woolley set his sights on achieving the following top three objectives:

  • Consolidate reporting into a single, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Maintain his position as a trusted and valuable go-to advisor to clients
  • Attract and win more clients by delivering tailored marketing solutions from a white-label software marketplace

The approach

Being a trusted advisor

One of the critical aspects of E-Marketing Associates’ path to success has been to continually prove their value as a trusted advisor for their clients. By doing so, they become an invaluable resource that clients are reluctant to part with. Mitch explained,

“When you become that trusted advisor, you’re no longer a commodity. Now you’re an invaluable resource for that person,” Woolley states.

This approach has helped E-Marketing Associates achieve impressive client retention rates.

To better serve clients, Mitch Woolley and his team at E-Marketing Associates understand that they need to provide a comprehensive solution that addresses their clients’ pain points. This is where Vendasta’s sales intelligence tool, Snapshot Report, comes into play. By using Snapshot Report, the team is able to diagnose their clients’ problems and create targeted solutions.

Diagnosing problems with Snapshot Report

Woolley shared the importance of starting with a solid understanding of a client’s needs: “You have to diagnose the problem. We use Snapshot Report and that gives us a really good idea of what’s going on inside.”

By leveraging Snapshot Report, E-Marketing Associates can identify areas of improvement for their clients and propose customized strategies that address those issues.

“You have to figure out what pain they have. When you can understand what pain they have, then you can built trust with them. Then their shields come down and they’re better positioned to buy.”

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Leveraging Business App to gain a competitive edge

According to Mitch Woolley, Vendasta’s client portal Business App helps them win deals against rivals who don’t have a similar tool to offer.

“We’re really competing against a lot of agencies that don’t have the dashboards. And so, I’m able to go in there and show them the value, and it’s really been a game-changer,” Woolley says.

Business App allows Mitch to offer clients a level of transparency, organization, and data-driven insights. This unique selling point sets E-Marketing Associates apart in the industry and ultimately leads to more successful client acquisitions.

Building trust with weekly reporting

Woolley understands the importance of keeping clients informed about their progress and achievements. He uses Vendasta’s Executive Report to present valuable insights and updates to his clients.

“We do the Executive Reports, that’s a huge part. We have one client that I get on a Zoom call with every single week and we go through the reports,” he explains.

Providing timely and relevant information is key to nurturing lasting client relationships and ensuring their satisfaction.

Price is what you pay, value is what your get

Woolley also remarks on the importance of having a dedicated account manager to meet with regularly who can keep him informed of the latest developments with the platform. As a trusted advisor to his own business clients, Woolley says he appreciates having one for his own business.

“Gracen is my trusted advisor. With Vendasta, we get really good value,” he says.

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“There’s a myriad of reasons why we like Vendasta. One of those is access to all of the software in one place. Vendasta fills in a lot of gaps for us and makes us even stronger.”

Mitch Woolley
Founder and CEO
E-Marketing Associates

E-Marketing Associates’ best-selling products:

Google Workspace
Listing Distribution

The conclusion

Since partnering with Vendasta in 2017, E-Marketing Associates has succeeded in becoming an indispensable resource to the clients they serve. They will continue to lean on the partnership in the coming years to provide automated proof-of-performance reporting and maintain access to the latest online presence solutions to offer to their clients.

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