Agency gains $46K in Marketplace revenue from online presence solutions

United States-based ReachCraft Agency was founded in 2020

Works with industries including digital marketing, information products, coaching, personality profiling, nanotechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence

The Challenge:
ReachCraft Founder and CEO Giovanni Cavalieri came across Vendasta online by researching white-label service providers. Cavalieri wanted to scale his agency to better serve his local business clients.

Build your digital offering with the Vendasta Marketplace and serve clients at scale so you can focus on growing your agency.

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Boost your revenue with new offerings and fulfill under your brand with a team of experts to support you.
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Retain clients with the tools and tech they need to grow their business.
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Offer more value to clients with Marketplace products and services that will make their work easier.


Founder and CEO of ReachCraft Agency Giovanni Cavalieri has a small team and a big heart for local businesses.

“Growing up, my dad owned a concrete business and worked very hard, always pursuing his next contract, and he was gone a lot. Knowing what I know now with over 20 years of marketing experience, I can help other boots-to-the-ground business owners bring in leads and still get home to spend quality time with their loved ones,” Cavalieri explains.

In partnering with Vendasta, Cavalieri was able to sharpen his focus on local businesses with the help of Vendasta’s white-label marketing fulfillment team.

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When ReachCraft Agency partnered with Vendasta, they were looking for:

  • A marketing fulfillment team that could help them save time and scale while continuing to provide top-quality service
  • A white-label service company that encourages collaboration, training, and communication in pursuit of better customer service
  • A white-label software marketplace that allows them to shift gears and offer their customers all of the digital solutions they need in that moment

The approach

Updating client offerings with a Marketplace of more than 250 products and services

With Vendasta’s Marketplace, ReachCraft pivoted their business model and their offering to better serve local businesses.

“The previous iteration of ReachCraft was very manual. We did our own fulfillment with everything. It used to be more ecommerce focused and not so local focused. In signing up with Vendasta, we gained a lot of offerings that we didn’t previously have,” explains Cavalieri.

Seek out training and support to better support their own clients

An avid attendee of Vendasta’s Conquer Local Community, Cavelieri cracked the code of learning the ins and outs of the Vendasta platform. His participation in community sessions, completion of Vendasta courses, and ability to lean on other Vendasta partners through the community allowed Cavelieri to better serve clients. 

“There’s a ton of value in the training on Conquer Local. The community calls are great. Also the opportunity to connect with other Vendasta Partners has been huge,” he continues.

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Expanding offerings with Marketplace vendors

Cavalieri has dug into the Vendasta Marketplace catalog to curate a unique combination of products and services he knows will make his clients’ lives easier.

“We’ve sold SEO Network and Zosi SEO, Vendasta’s owned and operated products, and a few others like Castanet for LinkedIn prospecting, which we’ve seen a lot of recent success with,” explains Cavalieri.

In 2023, ReachCraft is continuing to dive into Vendasta’s offerings with email automation software and email marketing.

Headshot of ReachCraft agency Founder and CEO -Giovanni Cavalieri

“I don’t think that we could do what we do for [our clients] at the price point we give them without Vendasta. What I love is the self-pricing, so we can provide discounted pricing compared to what the market price might be for certain products and services.”

Giovanni Cavalieri
Founder and CEO, ReachCraft Agency

Best selling products:

SEO Network
GBP Optimization
Yext Listing Sync Pro

The conclusion

“We’re looking forward to taking on more clients and building coaching relationships with those new partners in business,” Cavalieri says.
“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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