Agency brings in $209K in digital Marketplace revenue with Vendasta

Real Local Partners & G Partners are North American-based agencies

Serve SMBs and multi-location brands that have a local online presence

icon-marketing agency  Vendasta partner since 2010

The Challenge:

Mike Giamprini is CEO and Managing Partner of two digital marketing agencies, Real Local Partners and G Partners. When Giamprini founded his businesses in 2019, he knew precisely who he wanted to partner with. That’s because, for nearly a decade, Giamprini worked with Vendasta in other positions he held throughout his career. When it was time for him to start his own companies, Vendasta gave him the power to do just that.

Vendasta has everything your agency needs to grow your product offering and scale your business.

Gross Marketplace
revenue in < 3 years


Mike Giamprini began his working relationship with Vendasta in 2010 while managing a US office for his Canadian agency employer. After a few moves to new positions with other agencies and businesses that had also partnered with Vendasta, Mike decided to kickstart his own companies. 

When Giamprini founded his agencies in 2019, he knew Vendasta was the right partner to help him grow from the ground up.

RLP G Partners in-line case study image


By partnering with Vendasta, Real Local Partners and G Partners hoped to:

  • Gain access to digital online presence solutions to sell
  • Find a technology partner with the tools and resources to help land new business
  • Grow revenue and reduce costs by automating lead-generation efforts


A tale of two agencies

Giamprini founded two agencies to reach different markets, both requiring local online presence solutions.

“Real Local Partners services the online presence needs of small businesses. Main-street mom-and-pop shops, that’s what we do,” Giamprini says. 

“We also have the other side of our business called G Partners. This is where we address the same pain points in terms of online presence but we do it for multi-location national brands.”

With access to Vendasta’s built-in white-label software marketplace, Giamprini crafted bundles of digital solutions to fit his clients’ online needs. Vendasta’s local listing management software, reputation management software, and social media management platform continue to be his top-performing products for local businesses and multi-location brands.

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Becoming the original “Snapshot ninjas”

By leveraging Vendasta’s automated sales intelligence tool, Snapshot Report, Giamprini’s team was able to ramp up their lead-generation efforts, filling their pipeline with the businesses that needed them most. 

With a bit of a chuckle, Giamprini even boldly claims he coined “Snapshot ninja.” He refers to the term universally known within Vendasta to describe sales professionals who have mastered the art of crafting a Snapshot.

With a pipeline full of leads, Giamprini’s agencies took off and have generated more than $209,000 in gross Marketplace revenue alone since 2020. 


Headshot of Real Local Partners CEO and Managing Partner Mike Giamprini

“Vendasta is the perfect solution for us. It’s easy to use, there’s a ton of support, and the Marketplace has a breadth of things that we can sell to customers. It’s pretty incredible. It just makes a ton of sense.”

Mike Giamprini
CEO and managing partner, real local partners & g partners

Access a curated Marketplace of 250+ digital solutions

Listing Sync Pro
Reputation Management
Social Marketing

The conclusion

As a platform expert, Giamprini enjoys supporting other partners in their effort to scale their businesses with Vendasta. He looks forward to doing more work with like-minded agencies in the year ahead.
“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”
“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”
“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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