Agency achieves 243% increase in monthly recurring revenue in less than one year

Founded in 2020, KOR | UNLIMITED is based in New York

Technology consulting firm specializing in providing digital marketing solutions to local businesses

Recipient of the 2022 Conquer Local Ambassador Award

The Challenge:
When New York digital marketing firm KOR | UNLIMITED was founded by CEO Robert Davis in 2020, Robert was faced with the challenge of building his business from the ground up. He was looking for an ecosystem that could provide him with support, tools to attract new clients, and reporting to prove his value to his clients.

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CEO & Founder of KOR | UNLIMITED Robert Davis is a results-oriented professional. He has in-depth knowledge of digital marketing & branding, financial markets, investment products, and wealth management. His operational, digital, and business strategy expertise helps clients across industries to accelerate digital transformation.

When he launched his agency, Robert was looking for a technology partner that not only had the tools and digital products he needed to serve local businesses at scale, but he was also looking for a community of other agencies. 

Robert knew he could excel if he had the right group of like-minded entrepreneurs around him. He hoped to swap strategies, compare best practices, and receive constructive feedback about any challenges he was facing while getting his agency off the ground.



Through his partnership with Vendasta, Robert hoped to:

  • Come together with other like-minded agencies looking to share best practices and insights
  • Gain access to the tools needed for effective client prospecting and acquisition
  • Provide ongoing value to clients through accessible proof-of-performance reporting

The approach

Joining an educational community of experts 

Robert Davis knew that if he was going to find success in an already competitive space, he would need to rely on mentors outside of himself who could help get him there. 

“Oftentimes, it’s hard to find someone who really understands and gets what it is that I go through on the day to day. Do I have family and friends who support and love me? Absolutely. But they just don’t understand it. I mean, there’s only so much that they can understand.”

Joining Vendasta’s Conquer Local Community gave Robert exactly what he was looking for.

“When I go into a community session call, whether it’s on a Wednesday with our Water Cooler Wednesday or a Friday community session, I’m there looking for a safe space where I can really be vulnerable,” Robert says.

Connecting with other agency owners who were facing similar challenges gave Robert the encouragement and reinforcement he needed to continue building his business.

“One of the most important things I get from the community is that sense of family,” Robert says.

Boosting monthly recurring revenue with digital product bundles 

Robert started building his go-to-market strategy with value-based pricing around bundles of digital marketing solutions from Vendasta’s Marketplace

“There are core solutions that are always going to be part of my offering, such as listing management, a social media management platform and reputation management software,” Robert says. 

Using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Robert resells these foundational solutions on a subscription basis. This strategy ensures that each client he adds to his roster boosts the monthly recurring revenue he’s bringing into his digital marketing firm. 

“The majority of clients engage with us in a do it with me or do it for me track. So, that means we’re doing a lot of fulfillment in house and also partnering with Vendasta Marketing Services,” Robert says.

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The ultimate digital agency customer acquisition workflow  

Robert pours hours of time into perfecting his processes, ultimately improving client experience. This is underscored by his 100% client retention rate. As an example, he’s built out and executes a robust client acquisition workflow each time he onboards new clients. Here is a snapshot of that workflow: 

1. Initial contact (within 24 hours)


  • Call the lead to schedule a discovery meeting
  • Send intro letter
  • Create a contact profile in CRM
  • Conduct preliminary market research

2. Discovery meeting (within 5 business days)


  • Deliver KOR | UNLIMITED value proposition
  • Interview prospect for objectives, goals, and values
  • Gain approval to run sales intelligence report
  • Schedule marketing review and consultation meeting
  • Send a summary email, outlining key talking points
  • Prep for Marketing Review and Consultation meeting:
  • Create a Vendasta account
  • Run Snapshot report
  • Run a full SEO report

3. Marketing review and consultation meeting (within 10 business days)


  • Review key takeaways from the discovery meeting
  • Present insights from the Snapshot report
  • Identify list of priorities for roadmap
  • Schedule proposal delivery and onboarding meeting
  • Generate proposal
  • Contact pertinent vendor reps for availability for client/product demo
  • Send out a summary email, outlining key talking points/prioritization and proposal delivery meeting agenda

4. Proposal delivery and onboarding meeting (within 3 business days)


  • Premeeting: Setup multi-tab display layout in browser
  • Review proposal and gain commitment
  • Send out Welcome to KOR | UNLIMITED and What to expect next emails
  • Start orientation and new client automations

Providing ongoing value with Vendasta’s Business App

One cornerstone that Robert leverages to provide value is Vendasta’s white-label client portal: Business App. The Vendasta platform gives agency owners everything they need to run their business, but you can’t forget about the small and medium businesses wanting to gain insights on how their investment in digital marketing is performing. 

Business App provides just that. Robert uses Business App as a hub for his clients to log in and check on the progress of their partnership at any time. Business App also gives the ability for Robert to schedule automated proof-of-performance reports to be sent out to his clients on a regular cadence. This eliminates the need to manually cobble together these reports on his own.

The student becomes the teacher 

In addition to mastering the use of Vendasta platform tools to find success, Robert has continued to attend and give back to the Conquer Local Community throughout his partnership with Vendasta. He is continuously stepping up to mentor new partners and provide strategic insights on how they might be able to avoid some of the challenges and roadblocks he’s had to face. For Robert, it’s all been an effort to pay forward the same mentorship that has been given to him in the past. 

In 2022, Robert was nominated for and won the Local Impact Award for Conquer Local Ambassador. According to Robert, the honor was especially meaningful because it is a peer-nominated category.

Robert Davis Head Shot

“The community gives me a sense of belonging. We’re all running agencies. To be able to step into a room of like-minded individuals, people that are going through some of the same trials and successes, is good because they can offer the right type of support and insight. It’s been priceless.”

Robert Davis 
Founder and CEO, KOR | UNLIMITED

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The conclusion

In the coming years, Robert will continue focusing on boosting his monthly recurring revenue. He also says Business App will act as a key element for his growth strategy. 

“We’ll be doing more on the front end to ensure that new clients are adopting and using Business App and also doing a lot themselves. We want to scale our business. In order for us to scale without needing to take on hundreds or thousands of employees, we need to figure out how we get our clients leveraging the full potential of the tools and systems that are available to them. So, that’s really a big push for us,” Robert says.


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