Achieving a 1762% Advertising ROI for a Family Law Firm with Digital Advertising

Family Legal Firm LLP serves a market of 700,000 residents

Helps families navigate the complexities of the legal process

Vying for business against larger multi-location competitors 

*The names of the partner and law firm have been changed to protect their privacy, anonymity, and the spirit of white-label services

Significant return on digital ad campaign

return on investment
ad clicks
SEO vendor case study dollar-icon
campaign revenue


Digital is on the rise! Digital advertising finally surpassed TV ads as the go-to media for businesses in 2016. In fact, by 2020 digital ad spending in the U.S. is projected to outpace TV by 35 billion (eMarketer). While many legal practices still rely heavily on TV ads, savvy firms are taking advantage of their competitor’s underutilization of this ad medium within their industry.

People are searching for legal help online more than ever. 96 percent of people seeking legal advice use a search engine (Google Consumer Survey, Nov 2013) and 74% of legal prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the firm’s office via phone (FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014).

The agency featured in this case study used digital advertising’s laser-targeting ability to take advantage of this search volume by creating highly relevant ads for their client, a local family & divorce law firm. In just 60 days they achieved a 1762 percent advertising ROI from a multi-channel advertising campaign, and you can too!

Your agency’s competitors will plead “no contest” while you dominate the local legal market with no extra fulfillment work through Vendasta’s white label digital advertising services.


The Vendasta White Label Digital Advertising Process


To understand the success of this campaign, it’s best to start by explaining the workflow of the Vendasta digital advertising team. Our in-house digital advertising team is a white label fulfilment service that Vendasta offers to partners for them to resell to their business clients.

law firm legal digital advertising on the vendasta platform

How does that actually work? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Vendasta sells white label digital advertising services to the agency partner to resell. In this case to Digital Dino Agency.*
  • The agency partner then sells the advertising services under their own brand to their business client. In this case, Family Legal Firm LLP.*
  • The Vendasta digital advertising team fulfills the digital advertising services that Family Legal Firm LLP purchased from Digital Dino Agency. Win-win-win!

*The names of the partner and law firm have been changed to protect their privacy, anonymity, and the nature of white-label services

The Agency’s Client

Digital Dino’s client was a small local legal firm, Family Legal Firm LLP, which helps families navigate the complexities of the legal process. With just a single location, the firm faces fierce competition from large multi location legal firms in their market of almost 700,000 residents.

Local legal firms like Family Legal need an edge to compete against the major players in the legal field. If the late great Robert Vaughn is in the TV ads of your client’s competitors, they’ll definitely need to your help to strategically reach their target audience.

Family Legal understood they needed to be tactical with their advertising budget to compete with larger firms in their area. They knew that with digital advertising, they could specifically target the people who were looking for legal assistance at exactly the time they needed it most.

So while the goliaths in their area stuck with the traditional TV ad model, Family Legal Firm LLP contacted Digital Dino Agency to utilize their expertise in modern local marketing and digital advertising.

This strategy set the stage for a productive digital ad campaign. As a small local firm with a good reputation and focus on customer service (displayed in their reviews), Family Legal was primed for success!

The Campaign Process

Getting the phone to ring at the firm’s office was the goal. This clear conversion objective allowed Vendasta’s digital advertising team to optimize all campaigns around driving phone calls to the law firm.

The Message

Family Legal ran a calls and conversions campaign to drive new real-life business to their law office. The campaign message revolved around a free legal consultation. Due to a strong military presence in the region, the firm also offered a 10 percent  discount on their hourly fee for military personnel.

The creative, ad copy and goals were based on this campaign vision, and the goal was to drive people to call and book consultations at the law office.

The Method

The digital advertising fulfilment process for Family Legal involved 3 core tactics to help drive calls:

  1. Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding
  2. Facebook ad campaigns
  3. A customized, mobile-optimized landing page
the top of google search results

Here’s why these tactics were chosen for this campaign:

Google Adwords Campaign
Using Google Adwords ensures that digital ads are exposed to a highly targeted audience of people who indicate purchase intent by searching for local keywords related to the business. Adwords campaigns are centered around action – people looking for immediate legal help in the firm’s target area.

Facebook Ad Campaigns
The recipe for success for Facebook advertising is to reach a highly targeted audience the optimal number of times within a certain time period. Social media is the new word-of-mouth. If you target the correct audience, they’ll share it and promote it for you. This is important because the most credible form of advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust. 83 percent of online respondents in 60 countries say they trust the recommendations of friends and family (Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report). Plus, this new word of mouth advertising is trackable, attributable, and optimizable.

Armed with the logo and promotional photos supplied by the Family Legal staff, the digital advertising team designed a custom landing page to explain the firm and their services, display their reputation to build trust, and drive them to sign up for a free legal consulation. The landing page included custom engaging copy, images, details about the firm and a form with a specific call-to-action to encourage prospects to leave their contact details to schedule their free legal consultation. Both the Adwords and Facebook campaigns drove traffic to this page.

All these tactics worked together in harmony to drive real-world calls and conversions, with proven results delivered to the client in monthly reports as we’ll see next.

law firm legal digital advertising custom landing page in-line image

The result

Family Law certainly got their money’s worth from this campaign! In just 2 months, and with only $2,196 in ad spend, the law firm generated $40,000 in revenue. That’s a whopping 1742% return on their investment!
return on investment
ad clicks
SEO vendor case study dollar-icon
campaign revenue

Advertising results

560 117 50
ad clicks social & website clicks qualified calls and form fills

Monetary results

$2,195.84 $40,000 1742%
initial investment campaign revenue return on investment

The ROI is calculated based on an 80 percent result conversion rate. That means, of those 50 real-life results, we project that 80 percent will convert into an actual sale. The ROI is then calculated with that in mind, based on the value per result (getting a new client) determined by Family Law Firm LLP.

Search Ads

The search network ads—text ads that would display on the top and bottom of the Google search results page—did well in generating new engagement for Family Legal.

Consumer engagement with the ads appearing on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) was 199 percent higher than industry average, which means that the ads were highly relevant to people searching for the campaign’s predetermined keywords.

131 4.03% $5.75
ad clicks click-through rate (CTR) cost per click (CPC)

The Family Legal ads on the search network were served to people who searched Google for predetermined keywords, such as “divorce attorney”, “divorce lawyer”, “family law attorney”, and “child custody attorney” in their area.

With such a high volume of searches made in Family Legal’s target area for these terms, appearing at the top of Google’s search engine results page generated fantastic exposure for the firm.

Facebook Ads

Ads for local business served on Facebook can greatly improve brand awareness of the business, as well as generate new clients. Here’s what the Family Legal Facebook ad campaign gained in just over two months:

429 64 43 1.43% $1.02
ad clicks likes, shares, comments and reactions ‘learn more’ button clicks click-through rate (CTR) cost per click (CPC)

The Facebook ad for Family Legal put their Free Legal Consultation offer in front of a hyper- targeted, engaged audience to drive new business. Advertising on Facebook is great for both generating leads and amplifying your client’s brand. With each ad attached to their Facebook social profile, the clicks and reactions not only drove new business, but also drove new brand recognition and improved Family Legal’s online reputation.

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