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How to leverage Vendasta’s video marketing solutions for your service offerings


The future is video marketing, and the future is now. It’s no secret that people are more likely to stop scrolling when they see a video. We know that, on Instagram, a video post performs better than an image post. And we know that video content is now vital to every business's marketing strategy.

But did you know that an introductory email that includes a video increases click-through rate by 96%? According to Wordstream, video marketing grows revenue 49% faster than non-video marketing. Video marketing freshens outdated strategies and keeps brands relevant online.

Learn how to leverage YouTube to cross-sell and upsell into new service offerings, and attract new customers with Vendasta’s Instant Video Marketing Business course today.

Understandably, adding video to a marketing strategy can be intimidating; however, video solutions make the heavy lift a bit lighter. Something that was a scary but essential part of a marketing strategy becomes attainable with solutions like Magnfi. This Marketplace solution gives Vendasta partners the opportunity to have an in-house video marketing service offering with no editing necessary. Video solutions add a new stream of recurring revenue that has infinite reselling potential. Why? Because customers buy brands, not products.

Video marketing strategy

A solid video strategy involving effective tools is an essential part of a business’s overall marketing strategy. This could include using video in emails, paid advertising, organic ads, product reviews, promo videos, and customer testimonials. It could also include producing content for a YouTube channel, and the list goes on.

Storytelling in video format is a powerful way to connect with customers on a deeper level and build rapport with potential customers. Video testimonials have disrupted inboxes, and robust product explanations create a bond between a brand and its supporters.

Video messaging is a creative tool when reaching out to potential customers on social networks, especially on LinkedIn.

Reselling video marketing solutions

Video has a direct impact on search rankings and demand generation, making it an easy sell. Jack Shepherd with Social Shepherd wrote that “in a survey, 86% of marketing professionals reported that they used video as a marketing tool, 78% of those marketers felt videos have directly increased sales for their business, and 86% said videos helped to boost traffic to their website.”

With a promise of increased traffic and sales, video marketing is a fundamental solution your clients will seek out. Rather than allowing them to seek it elsewhere, you can become a reseller of video solutions, opening up a new stream of revenue for your business.

Why video works so well

  1. Video marketing can be added to niche marketing campaigns with targeted email lists and social media DM campaigns.
  2. Unlike written copy, video is a unique format that captures the audience's attention and can tell emotional stories. This is why customer testimonials work so well in video format.
  3. Video gives businesses the ability to explain their products and services in a succinct and demonstrative recording. It also lends credibility to a brand by giving it a face, voice, or personality.
  4. Video is highly sharable. Popular online videos have an audience reach of 92% globally.

How to use video marketing

The written word has its place, but strategically used video can up the ante in a few instances. By finding and keeping a balance between video and written copy, marketers can maintain the best of both worlds and increase brand engagement.

Video testimonial

Although written testimonials are great to have, there’s something very powerful about a video testimonial. Seeing the face and hearing the voice of a satisfied customer really personalizes the experience that can be had with a product or service.

Solutions like Magnfi in the Vendasta Marketplace will automatically add branding and background music along with a call-to-action that is ready to be shared on social media without any editing. Use video solutions to help clients get new reviews for their products and services every month.

Video email

Copy with images or the occasional GIF was the norm until video marketing started disrupting inboxes. According to recent stats, adding videos to email campaigns improves engagement, increases open rates by 19%, and boosts click-through rates by as much as 65%.

Magnfi’s video email software works by embedding a short GIF that links to a video. Adding video to email gives customers a human connection to a brand, which is more important than it ever was previously.

Branded videos

Branded video content that describes services, demonstrates products, or shares knowledge with its audience helps establish a company as an industry leader. Brand recognition is more easily achieved with branded videos. As more prospects recognize a brand, more sales will follow. People want to purchase from brands they trust, and the first step in developing that trust is brand recognition.

Story videos

Similar to testimonials, story videos help customers tell their story and explain how products or services helped them succeed in business. A story video can also be used to develop a brand case study for your own business to promote your brand story.

Magnfi’s story video software takes three video clips and combines them into one cohesive video story. Ask customers three questions and fuse together their answers into a relatable story to engage prospective customers.

Video messaging

Businesses can add a new level of brand personality through video messaging.

If you’ve ever received a video message on a platform like LinkedIn, you understand that it was likely more engaging than a written message. At the very least, it stands out from the crowd of messages. At most, it’s a successful lead-generation tactic.

According to recent statistics, social media campaigns that use video can get up to 2.65 times more engagement on Twitter and over 90% of Instagram users interact with video weekly.

Get on the video marketing train

Video is arguably the most valuable and effective type of content a brand can use online, yet it’s also the least used marketing format across social media. The most likely reason for this slow adoption is a lack of resources and knowledge.

With readily available white-label video marketing tools like Magnfi, this doesn’t have to be an excuse any longer. Help clients achieve visibility, engagement, and credibility with white-label video marketing solutions, available in the Vendasta Marketplace.

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