Say hello to Local SEO Pro (and supercharge local search)

Your clients have an online presence. Great! But with almost half of online searches including local information, the rest of the battle is ensuring they pop up right where their customers are looking.

Luckily, optimizing an online presence for local search doesn’t require drastic measures (though we respect the hustle, “Thai Food Near Me”).

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This week, Vendasta unveils a new upgrade that’ll allow your business clients to outshine their competition and redefine their local digital footprint, turning searches into sales.

Say hello to Local SEO Pro!

"Listing Builder" evolves into "Local SEO"

For the loyalists among us, you're likely familiar with Listing Builder, Vendasta's local citations builder and management tool. This free white-label software helps businesses get found more easily online through mobile apps, voice search, and more. It also lets them sync their business information to essential sites like Google and Facebook, and instantly builds a microsite to bolster their online presence.

But evolution is the name of the game. In this spirit of change and innovation, we’ve renamed and upgraded “Listing Builder” to “Local SEO”.

Since it’s still white-label, though, you can really call it whatever you want—such is your power!

This online findability software now comes in two flavors:

Local SEO (standard): Familiar free features.

Local SEO Pro: New and advanced features.

Local SEO: Online findability software

See below to get acquainted with them.

Get to know Local SEO Pro’s features

Let’s dive deeper into how Local SEO Pro will help you focus your efforts to optimize your client's findability in local search—and deliver big value.

Local search grid with heat-map data

Local SEO Pro’s local search grid will transform how you analyze your client’s online rankings.

  • Geo-specific insights: Understand exactly how a business (e.g., a cat cafe) ranks in different parts of the city and compare against competitors.
  • Keyword tracking: Manually add up to 15 relevant keywords or wait for Vendasta’s AI to recommend the perfect keywords for your business (coming soon!).
  • Graph feature: Demonstrate value and offer clear proof-of-performance by allowing your clients to witness the progress of rankings over time.
  • Adjustable map radius: Modify the map radius based on business type and city size to get the most relevant insights.
  • Rank difficulty and search volume metrics: Determine the feasibility of ranking for specific keywords and the volume of searches they attract in a given area.

Advanced listing sync

A pro local SEO strategy relies on consistent business information across key platforms. Local SEO Pro is here to deliver.

  • Multiple platform syncing: Seamlessly sync business information with major platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and X (previously Twitter). And get ready for Apple Maps syncing—coming soon!
  • Easier monitoring: Track the positive impact of synced information on search engine rankings via the "Keyword ranking" tab.

AI-powered business profile content

A well-curated business profile is essential—and now, using Local SEO Pro’s advanced AI capabilities, it can be efficient, too.

  • Tailored content suggestions: Create an excellent draft of a business profile using AI-generated suggestions based on the business's name, location, category, services, and more.
  • Profile refinement: Corrections in spelling, grammar, and tone to align the content with the business's brand.

Flexible pricing and features

As I mentioned earlier, there are two stellar versions of Local SEO. Choose the best-fit solution based on your client's needs.

Local SEO (standard):

Previously known as "Listing Builder", this free version allows syncing with Google and Facebook and offers insights on three keywords.

Local SEO Pro:

A powerful product edition providing premium source syncing, rank tracking for up to 15 keywords, AI-suggested keyword tracking, and more.

Exclusive offer for Vendasta partners

As a valued Vendasta partner, unlock the Local SEO Pro at a wholesale price of $11.50 USD/month per location. Need to track more keywords? Add them in bundles of 15 for just $6/month.

To activate the Local SEO Pro, navigate to the "Manage accounts" page and change the edition from “Standard”.

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The future of local search findability

It's an exciting time in the world of local search. With the dawn of Vendasta’s Local SEO Pro, businesses have a robust tool at their disposal. Try it out today and experience the difference! As always, keep tabs on the latest updates via the Changelog on

We’ll be back soon with more What’s New at Vendasta!

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