How Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services improved customer satisfaction to 96 percent

Founded in 2014, Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services division has grown significantly in recent years, serving 585 channel partners to provide marketing fulfillment to more than 6,000 of their local business clients in 2021. The division saw exponential improvement in delivery time, customer satisfaction, and service quality in 2021. 

In this article, we examine the steps the Marketing Services division has taken to better serve small and medium business (SMB) clients, all under the brands of the agency partners the SMBs know and trust.

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What is white-label marketing?

White-label marketing is the practice of outsourcing the fulfillment of marketing services to another provider. The provider will deliver on services like website copywriting, digital advertising, and social media content under a B2B company’s brand for their clients. 

How does Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services work?

Local businesses will seek digital services to get found by more customers, enhance their online reputation, and promote their products. However, the digital agencies supporting them also faces their own challenges: 

  • How do they scale their business if they get more clients? 
  • What if they have a slow month or two and can’t support full-time in-house talent? 
  • How do they prove performance on the work being delivered?

Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services team can do the fulfillment work under their brand, so they have more time to focus on growing their businesses.

Why Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services are a business owner’s secret weapon

Vendasta’s Marketing Services is quickly becoming the white-label service vendor of choice for channel partners that sell digital solutions to local businesses. In 2021, the division captured $10.5 million in revenue and boosted their customer satisfaction scores by a staggering 24 percent to an overall satisfaction level of 96 percent.

Vendasta’s marketing services 2021 results:

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24 hours

Average issue resolution time


Revenue generated


Customer satisfaction


Changing communications revolutionizes Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services

One of the biggest change drivers for Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services in 2021 was a reorganization of departments. Previously, Marketing Services team members were required to do all fulfillment work as well as maintain communications with the SMB clients. In 2021, a team was created to focus solely on client communication. This eliminated the need for team members to shift focus from communication to fulfillment. This change drastically improved efficiency and created an environment where team members could flourish in their area of expertise. 

We have a team that focuses and is dedicated to that product and is working on those things all day, every day. They know the best practices, they know all the details that go into making a good service. I think what it comes down to is true expertise.

Greg Jennings

Senior Manager for Core Services, Vendasta

This reorganization is a prime example of Vendasta’s company-wide customer obsession. In addition, investments were also made to:

  • Grow the size of the team
  • Improve project management processes using Vendasta’s project management software, Task Manager
  • Expand the global footprint of the team to reach a near 24/7 support operation 

These combined strategies were primary drivers in reaching the 96-percent average customer satisfaction rating in 2021, a 24-percent increase year-over-year. The improvements also positioned the team to deliver quality work at scale, as well as improve retention rates for our partners’ SMB clients. 

Why partners choose Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services:

✔ Competitively priced

✔ Refined product offerings 

✔ Fully integrated into the Vendasta platform

✔ Customer-obsessed

✔ Flexibility to meet unique needs  

There is an incredible level of detail and caring that we give to each and every order. There is a huge amount of communication that takes place within the platform to ensure the work being delivered exactly meets SMB and partner expectations. 

Jeff Folckemer

Executive Vice President, Vendasta

Leaning on Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services to deliver on your digital marketing needs

We offer a full scope of products within marketing services that all complement each other to help improve the online presence of our partners’ local business clients. Many partners come to us initially needing support with one type of service, but we can help them grow in so many ways.

Shakya Abeywickrama

Interim GM of Marketing Services, Vendasta

As the white-label agency of choice for hundreds of our Vendasta partners, the marketing services division offers a wide-range of products to support the digital marketing of local business clients: 

Website design and development 

Without a powerful website, local business clients are losing potential customers. If a B2B agency owner doesn’t have the time or staff to build websites on their own, they can hand off the work to Vendasta’s white-label web design services. In 2021, the website fulfillment team reduced their average days to deliver by 63 percent, down to an average of 5.89 days. 

Reputation management

A strong online reputation can go a long way, but it takes time to build. Responding to and requesting new reviews can take an agency's focus away from growing their business. Vendasta’s review management service can help.  

In 2021, the review management service team processed more than 40,000 reviews for over 1,000 SMB clients. They managed to reduce their days to deliver by a staggering 89 percent down to just four days by starting to draft responses the moment an order is placed. 

Listings management 

Getting clients listed on as many sites as possible is key to solidifying their online presence. Vendasta’s team of experts in listings management can claim online listings in record time. Thanks to proprietary software solutions and great relationships with data providers, the team can ensure that a local business client’s information is always accurate and consistent.

In 2021, the listing management services team claimed a total of 10,000 listings and reduced their days to deliver by 94 percent, down to just 2.27 days thanks to their status as a Google Partner and Trusted Verifier.

Digital ads services

Vendasta’s team of certified advertising specialists run campaigns for local business clients on multiple platforms, including pay-per-click (PPC), and provide reports with proof of performance. They leverage proprietary technology to make the most of a client’s budget and to serve ads to the right audience. 

The digital ads team also drove improvements in the last year, boosting retention for white-label PPC clients by 10 percent from the previous year. They’re also aiming to reduce their average days to launch a campaign down to five by the end of 2022.

Social media management 

A solid social media presence can help your client engage with customers, but writing great content is much harder than it looks. Vendasta’s white-label social media marketing team has creative writers who are experts in social media. The team works with partners and their SMB clients to find the right tone and craft social posts that promote the brand. 

The team has recently reduced their average days to deliver by 80 percent down to just 5 days.

Content marketing 

At Vendasta, an expert team of content writers can create blogs and email campaigns with industry-focused content. It’s not easy to find good writers. The talented white-label website copywriting team produces high-quality work to help your client tell their brand story online. In 2021, the team cranked out more than 485 blogs for local business clients. 

Lessons from the white-label agency of choice for hundreds of Vendasta partners 

Looking to transform your digital marketing agency with the same success? Consider these strategies: 

Restructure your team and budgets 

Don’t be afraid to flip your agency’s structure upside down in order to create higher quality outcomes and a more enjoyable experience for your clients. By introducing a team dedicated to customer communication, Vendasta’s white-label marketing services was able to boost customer satisfaction to 96 percent. 

Pay attention to pain points 

Don't focus on bringing more big ideas to life; instead, set your sights on the invisible challenges in your customer journey. Tackle points of friction like availability, payment issues, and customer support to improve value.  

Invest in websites or apps

Being found online is more critical than ever. As a digital agency owner, you should strive to become a destination where local business clients can browse your services, connect with your brand story, and learn more about topics that help them solve their problems. The stronger your online presence, the more open a client will be to a sales conversation. You can also try hosting online events so clients can connect with you virtually at their own convenience.

What’s ahead for Vendasta’s white-label Marketing Services?

In 2022, Vendasta’s Marketing Services division is setting its sights on growth. The division will be expanding its offerings to all Vendasta subscription tiers, giving smaller startups and entrepreneurs access to outsourced fulfillment as a tool to scale their businesses and help their SMB clients succeed. Stay tuned for more exciting news on the expansion to come.

Article research conducted by: Shae Janzen

About the Author

Nicole Lauzon is a Content Marketing Manager at Vendasta and has spent the last decade of her career helping local businesses tell their stories. Kickstarting her professional journey as a writer and producer for a major Canadian television network, Nicole would later spend five years as a PR Agency Creative Director, managing brand journalism, social media, blog and video content for corporate, non-profit and local business clients. Whether Nicole is marinating over her next piece of writing or enjoying some down time with her family, she likes doing it in floral print.

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