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Leading the charge in vendor sales: The relationship between Vendasta and SEO vendor Boostability


Established in 2009, SEO vendor Boostability was founded on the premise that SEO services should be affordable to all businesses. Boostability SEO aims to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of the local business owner by supporting small and medium businesses (SMBs) with competitive SEO solutions. 

Today, Boostability has over 400 employees based in three offices across Utah, with satellite locations in Amsterdam and Berlin and a physical presence in Montreal, Melbourne, and Sydney. With over 26,000 active clients throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand, Boostability was recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies four years in a row.

The SEO giant partnered with Vendasta as a vendor in 2018 and has since generated more than $8.2 million in revenue through the platform’s Marketplace. This is their story of vendor sales success. 

Get the CASE STUDY: SEO Vendor Boostability generates more than $8.2M in revenue through the Vendasta Marketplace.

The challenge in vendor sales

Getting their offering in front of the local business community that could benefit from Boostability’s SEO services has by far been the greatest barrier to growth, according to Boostability CEO Gavan Thorpe. Prior to partnering with Vendasta, the company had been looking for a solution to help them cut through the noise when it came to marketing their product to SMBs.

There are a lot of small businesses out there who could really benefit from having an SEO program. We’re doing our best to reach them all, anyway that we can. Going through a Marketplace partner has really helped us expand that reach.

Gavan Thorpe

CEO, Boostability

A distribution solution for vendors 

Entering the Marketplace in 2018 gave Boostability the opportunity to grow with exposure to Vendasta’s network. The partnership allowed the SEO vendor to distribute through 60,000 resellers, opening the door to over 5.5 million local business customers. 

“As a vendor inside of the Marketplace, we love that we can speak with real people who are passionate about finding the best solution for their [SMB clients],” says Boostability Partner Growth Manager Nic Padilla.

“[Vendasta partners] introduce me as a knowledgeable person inside the SEO world to help their customers get found. It’s all about finding an opportunity for [Vendasta] partners, ensuring they have a scalable solution for their SEO.”

SEO vendor performance through the Vendasta platform

Now one of Vendasta’s leading SEO providers, Boostability has reached tremendous success selling through the platform. 

By the numbers 



Revenue to date 



Activations to date 



Compound annual growth rate (CAGR)

Since starting to work with Vendasta, we’ve had some amazing partnerships come on, from the small one- or two-man shows who are trying to get SEO support for their customers to partnerships that have 200–300 employees. And we’ve been able to do some amazing things. 

Nic Padilla

Partner Growth Manager , Boostability

How Boostability is leading vendor sales

Boostability has set up some unique and meaningful connection points to help foster the relationship among their brand, Vendasta partners, and the local business clients they serve. According to Boostability, some of the keys to their success on the Vendasta Marketplace have been:

  • SEO Sales Support: Boostability provides a dedicated team of SEO sales experts to help Vendasta partners develop sales strategies, gain SEO education, and obtain support for closing deals with their local business clients. 
  • Client Success Team: This group provides all of the details on SEO campaign activities and progress updates to partners so they can show proof-of-performance and build trust with their SMB clients. 
  • Partner Growth: Boostability has implemented a full-time Partner Growth Manager available to answer all questions related to partnering with Boostability.

Relationships that build businesses 

Not only is it a successful partnership from a revenue standpoint, but the relationships we have with all of our points of contact has been outstanding.

Matt Tennison

VP of Business Development & Partners, Boostability

Vendasta vendors gain exposure through a team of 125+ sales agents continually selling the product to a growing network of resellers. 

“The team of experts at Vendasta introduces my team to [resellers], who are looking to have the best opportunity to get their customers on the first page. We love connecting with experts who are knowledgeable in this space, to make those introductions and create the best opportunities for [resellers],” says Padilla. 

To discover more about becoming a Vendasta vendor, visit our Vendors page.

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