Top 5 Best Moments from Season 1 of Conquer Local Think Tank

The purpose of the Conquer Local Think Tank is to provide digital marketing agency owners with incredibly valuable working sessions led by thought leaders in the local marketing space. 

It is an immersive educational experience for ambitious professionals, who are united by a desire to learn, grow, and succeed together. Not only do they get to learn from the best in the industry, but they also get a chance to enhance their intellectual skill sets through live sessions.

While the inaugural season of the Conquer Local Think Tank surely had its share of highs and lows, those who were part of it will agree that there was a lot of valuable information shared.

From finding your lighthouse client to building your personal brand, there were a lot of secrets that renowned digital marketing expert, Dennis Yu, revealed from his playbook of tricks.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best moments that season 1 had to offer.

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Number 5: Repeatable excellence

Have you ever thought about creating a checklist for all of your marketing processes? 

While creating a document for something that you do day in and day out might sound silly at first, in reality, the strategy is quite critical when it comes to ensuring repeatable excellence.

It’s also a great training tool that will help you save time and resources when you onboard new employees. Even if you’ve done something multiple times and are competent in it, there could be instances when you forget something and that’s when the checklist will give you a refresher.

It’s the same thing as doctors having a pre-scrub checklist on how to scrub before they head into performing a surgical procedure or how pilots have a pre-flight checklist before flying an airplane.

It helps them stay safe, while ensuring repeatable excellence for the tasks they will perform.

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Number 4: Competence creates confidence

Building your personal brand is not hard. It might seem like a lot to do, but it’s not impossible. 

Most digital marketing agency owners, when producing content and building their brand awareness, tend to get a little nervous and start experiencing imposter syndrome.

However, the key to overcoming that barrier is to remember that competence creates confidence. What this means is that if you stay within your topic wheel while creating content, you can create deeper competence, thereby growing your business with immense confidence.

This doesn’t mean that you fake it till you make it. On the contrary, it’s a simple strategy that requires you to stay within your lighthouse, build expertise, and ultimately establish authority.

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Number 3: Inception

Defined as the dream inside the dream inside the dream, inception, along with the lighthouse client, was one of the most talked about marketing concepts on the Conquer Local Think Tank. 

Confused? So were we. But listening to Mr. Yu explain it in layman terms made so much sense.

The “too long; didn't read” version of the concept explains how agencies can use the authority and engagement of someone else to incept all the potential customers whom they want to onboard.  

It’s called building inception through lightweight touches over a period of time, where a digital marketing agency can attract a customer by showing them that they’re associated with a person of high authority. This can be done by showcasing that the person is present in their topic wheel.

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Number 2: The riches are in the niches

Finally, we have the concept of the lighthouse client.

You’ve been seeing that term all through this blog, secretly wondering what the heck it even means, haven’t you? Well, the good news is you can read a whole blog dedicated to it instead.

As Dennis likes to put it subtly, the riches lie in the niches, which means that when marketing agencies completely own one niche that they can service, they build more perceived authority.

Whether it’s dentists, personal injury attorneys, or chiropractors, any business has more chances to thrive if it can focus on a dedicated domain to service. Hence, when you have a specific lighthouse client sorted out, it is very easy to get more clients in that same vertical.

If you’re still on the fence about this concept, ask yourself what takes more effort? Servicing 50 dentists or five completely random businesses? Chances are high that it’s the latter.

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Number 1: The power of thank you

“I’m sitting here trying not to cry.”

The pinnacle moment on the Conquer Local Think Tank came when musician Debbie Gibson made a ‘cameo’ appearance on one of the sessions, which almost made Janice Chistopher cry.

When it comes to making an everlasting impact, nothing can supersede the power of saying thank you. If you follow this principle and demonstrate gratitude towards your customers 100 times a day, needless to say, it will do wonders for you and your digital marketing agency.

Whether it’s capturing a micro moment through a 15-second video, sending a $5 gift item from Amazon with a personalized gift note, leaving a heartfelt review for a business, or just simply praising someone online, a thank you goes a long way to help you grow your agency.

This strategy works all the time, not because there’s magic involved, but because there’s science behind it. Just like there are laws for how gravity works, there are also laws for how relationships work. It’s human psychology to reciprocate good with good and love with love.

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