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[Case Study] How We Made One Hotel Facebook Famous in Two Months


What do you get when you combine social posting savvy and expert digital advertising tactics? For one local hotel client, it resulted in Facebook fame.

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong Facebook presence, especially for local businesses. With 50 million+ small business pages on Facebook, and 80% of them active users of the platform, it can be social media suicide to neglect your client’s own Facebook page. Your clients want to interact with you where they live—on their favorite social media platforms, like Facebook. Not just liking your posts either, but actually engaging! There are over one billion messages sent between businesses and consumers every month, which just goes to show how a good presence can go a long way.

It’s about more than just a Facebook business page too, and a good advertising campaign shouldn’t be overlooked. Did you know that in March of 2017, 34% of US internet users clicked on a Facebook ad? That number gets even more exciting when you break it down by age group. If your clients’ audience is between the age of 45-54, that number is 43% (eMarketer). Plus, with 61% of advertisers planning to bump up social ad spend on Facebook in 2017, you don’t want to miss out on offering this to your business clients (eMarketer).

Local businesses need digital advertising and a strong social presence, and Facebook can be the stone to hit those two big money birds at once. Proper social posting supplemented with top-notch Facebook advertising tactics can make your business Facebook famous, especially when backed by digital advertising experts. Here’s just one example of how we conquered Facebook fame, and the success story of one local business that skyrocketed from 0 Facebook likes to over 3,200 in just two months.

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Steps to Making Your Clients Facebook Famous

There were a few steps in our recipe for Facebook fame that are crucial for your clients:

1. A well-designed Facebook page

Having a Facebook business page is obviously a main player in achieving Facebook fame, but what’s on the page plays a big role as well. Ensure that your client’s Facebook profile includes vital information about their business including location, hours and a brief description of what the business offers. Keep the information up-to-date, and make improvements and changes to the profile as necessary to keep their customers happy and informed!

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2. Relevant, timely and engaging social posting

Follow social posting best practices to ensure that your client’s posts are helpful and fun as well as promotional. While the frequency and topics of posts will vary depending on your client’s industry and specific business, keep in mind that posting too frequently will make them appear spammy and encourage people to unfollow their page or hide them from their Facebook feed.

A good rule of thumb to start is the 30/30/30 breakdown:

30% promotional / 30% industry relevant / 30% engaging

While what’s best for your client’s business will vary from industry to industry, the secret is to provide customers with value. That’s what will make them want to stick around.

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3. Highly targeted Facebook Advertising

The recipe for success on Facebook is to serve ads the optimal number of times within a certain period to a highly targeted audience. By supplementing organic Facebook posts with the right campaign, you will drive traffic, promote promotions, and ultimately generate calls, in-store visits and sales for your clients.

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