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Attracting more clients is a priority for most companies selling digital products. In fact, 57 percent of marketers say that customer acquisition is the most important part of a company’s marketing expenditure (GCL). You continuously need to generate net new clients in order to grow your revenue and scale your business.

To that end, you’ve probably started blogging regularly, created a social media presence, and invested in advertising. You might speak at conferences to get your name out there. You may offer referral incentives and you might cold call, too. You scour LinkedIn for opportunities to reach out to potential new clients. 

What else can you do to attract more clients?

One avenue you might not have considered is to start offering a service that will quickly get the attention of your market: SMS business texting services. When you partner with Vendasta to resell digital services, you get to offer Vendasta’s Inbox Messaging Hub free to your small and medium business (SMB) clients. In turn, they can use SMS to interact directly with their own customers. 

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Why SMBs love SMS business texting (and why you should, too)

Successful small and medium businesses realize how powerful SMS messaging is in enhancing sales and revenue in the digital age, especially if their customers are millennials and Gen Z. 


The open rate for SMS messages is up to 98 percent, making it a highly effective channel for business communication with customers (Adobe).

Business texting services sms messaging boxes between two people

Customers want to receive SMS messages

There aren't many people who don't enjoy receiving an SMS message on their phones. In fact, 75 percent of customers want to receive offers via SMS (TechJury). They prefer SMS to other platforms like email or social media. It’s convenient for them.

With Vendasta’s Inbox, your local business clients can begin to message customers the way they want to be contacted: through SMS messaging

SMS messaging is the easiest and most effective way to reach consumers in the digital age and is integral to any marketing strategy.

Ralph Ossai

Product Marketing Manager, Vendasta

SMS business texting services can improve sales

The benefits of SMS business texting services goes beyond just attracting attention. In fact, 50 percent of US customers make a direct purchase after they are sent an SMS text, coupon, or discount code (Findstack). It’s clear that text messaging is a valuable service for local businesses. 

SMS can improve customer engagement and interaction

SMS messages are read immediately, unlike email, enabling SMBs to improve customer engagement and see results quickly. Just let them know that 83 percent of millennials open text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them (OpenMarket).

Business texting also promotes interaction. SMS messaging is interactive and promotes person-to-person conversation, engaging customers to become more active.

SMS messaging can strengthen customer loyalty

Local businesses develop trust by sending customers SMS messages. In fact, 47 percent of consumers agreed that they would react negatively if a company did not offer SMS communications (FlowRoute).

Offering exciting new products and services is a great way to attract a different potential client base seeking those services. By adding Vendasta’s Inbox Messaging Hub for business texting to your list of digital offerings, you can attract new clients and drive your company’s growth, all while giving local businesses the communication tools they need to succeed.

Vendasta’s Inbox is part of Business App

Vendasta’s Inbox Messaging Hub lives in Business App—our centralized brandable client portal that you can offer to your clients under your brand. In the portal, your clients can gain access to digital apps and products, a customer communication hub, appointment booking, automated reporting, and more. 

Essentially, Vendasta’s Business App enables local businesses to improve how they communicate with their customers. 

With Vendasta’s Inbox in Business App, your clients can invite all of their team members to collaborate and share one central inbox. This makes managing customer communication so much easier and more transparent. All new customer SMS messages will automatically appear in this inbox, and your clients will be alerted instantly as new messages come in. 

How Vendasta’s Inbox business texting services work

With the SMS messaging feature, your local business clients will be assigned a new number to their business account to connect with customers quickly for cross-selling, upselling, and sending information about hot deals that would spark interest in their customers to take action.

Who has access to it? Become a Vendasta partner, and all of your SMB clients can access Inbox through the Business App. All they’ll need to do is send a message to claim the new local account number. 

Then, they’ll be able to:

  • Set up unlimited users without paying additional fees. 
  • Send 100 SMS messages at no cost upon claiming their SMS number (which is also free to claim). 
  • Receive unlimited incoming messages for free, so their customers can reach out to them at any time.

Start offering SMS business texting services today

The way customers want to hear from businesses has changed. As a result, local businesses need to adapt and change the way they communicate. 

SMS messaging is the easiest and most effective way to reach consumers in the digital age and is integral to any marketing strategy.

Ralph Ossai

Product Marketing Manager, Vendasta

By adding Vendasta’s Inbox business texting services to your list of digital service offerings, you can attract new clients that are seeking to connect with their customers in their preferred manner: through SMS messaging.

Start your free 14-day trial and discover everything Vendasta’s Inbox Messaging Hub has to offer you and your local business clients.

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Solange Messier is the Content Strategy Manager at Vendasta. Solange has spent the majority of her career in content marketing helping companies improve how they connect with their prospects and customers. Her diverse background includes magazine publishing, book publishing, marketing agencies, payment processing, and tech. When she's not working, Solange can be found spending time with her family, running, and volunteering.

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