ActiveCampaign white label: A how-to guide

If you’re a white-label SaaS reseller, having a high-quality email marketing solution in your portfolio is essential. Whether your client list is made up of scrappy startups or long-established businesses, email is one of the most important marketing channels available to them.

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In this article, we’ll go over

  • What ActiveCampaign is
  • Why your agency, MSP, or media company needs to offer it
  • How you can get started with ActiveCampaign white-label, and
  • How you can generate recurring profits with this product

What does ActiveCampaign do?

Active campaign is a customer experience automation platform that can be used for email marketing, marketing automation, and messaging. It also incorporates sales and CRM tools that help businesses maintain up-to-date records of customers' data.

ActiveCampaign use cases

Users can do a lot more than just send beautiful, customizable newsletters and SMS messages.

  • Segmented messaging: Users can also use powerful marketing automations and segmentation to ensure customers get the most effective message for them at the best time for it to make an impact.
  • Automation: It can also be used to automate messaging that helps customers exactly when they need it, by answering questions, sharing promotions, or requesting feedback.
  • Data analysis: Finally, ActiveCampaign ensures that all the data from these customer touchpoints are analyzed by machine learning so that campaigns continue to be improved, driving better results over time.

Is ActiveCampaign a CRM?

Yes! ActiveCampaign includes a robust customer relationship management platform which can track leads, create and manage sales pipelines, and stay updated on how deals are progressing with every prospect.

However, because ActiveCampaign’s CRM is coupled with its email marketing and messaging tools, it’s a lot more than just a CRM. Thanks to sophisticated machine learning, ActiveCampaign can help engage all the leads and customers in the database at the precise best moment, when they’re most engaged and likely to take the desired action.

In short, by combining a CRM and email marketing and messaging platform, ActiveCampaign becomes a powerful tool for creating engaging, effective customer experiences, driving revenue month after month.

Why you should be reselling ActiveCampaign white-label

ActiveCampaign white-label is a lot more than just an email marketing tool you can offer clients. It’s a complete customer experience automation platform (CXA) that helps businesses get their message across to their audience in the most effective way possible, whether through email, chat, messaging, or SMS.

Effective marketing campaigns have many moving parts, but one element that remains essential even as new marketing trends come and go is email. When you crunch the numbers, the ROI that email marketing delivers remains an impressively high 36x.

This significant return on investment means that your customers are going to use some kind of email marketing software, and if you don’t have one in your portfolio, you’ll be unable to meet this important need. The more indispensable solutions you can offer your clients and prospects, the likelier they’re to stick with you over the long term. It’s those recurring clients that build a healthy, profit-generating business, so meeting their needs is absolutely critical.

Getting started with ActiveCampaign white label

The best way to offer ActiveCampaign to your clients is by white-labeling it—which means completely rebranding the interface to remove the ActiveCampaign logo and replace it with your agency’s logo. Domains, colors, fonts, buttons, and more can also be customized to make the interface your own.

By offering ActiveCampaign white-label, you can strengthen your own brand and differentiate yourself from competitors, all while benefiting from white-label experts that are always available behind the scenes to offer support under your company name. Since marketing automation solutions rarely have a white-label option, this is a unique opportunity to offer an extremely useful and robust solution with your brand name on it, without having to spend on developing it.

White-label license vs. affiliate program

ActiveCampaign has an affiliate program, which enables sellers to get a commission on sales they make of the software. However, there are many perks to offering ActiveCampaign white-label instead of through an affiliate program. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • White labeling gives you more control over your profit margins since you can determine your own selling price.
  • White labeling enables you to build your brand, rather than just sell on behalf of another brand.
  • With ActiveCampaign white-label, you can integrate the platform with your other white-label products, through your client dashboard. It’s easier for your clients to be able to access more of their products and services in a single place, rather than having to manage many accounts and logins.

Setting up ActiveCampaign white label

It’s very easy to start selling ActiveCampaign white-label. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for a white-label platform that offers ActiveCampaign, if you haven’t already.
  2. Add ActiveCampaign to your portfolio of services. You will get set up with an account manager to support you with sales and onboarding, as well as plenty of marketing materials to help you start selling.
  3. Rebrand your ActiveCampaign interface so it reflects your agency’s branding.
  4. Determine the price at which you want to offer ActiveCampaign. Your cost for each white-label license will depend on the number of contacts your clients have, and you can use suggested reseller pricing as a guide.
  5. Start selling! With ActiveCampaign white label set up in your client dashboard, and white-label experts available to provide support under your company’s name, you can focus all your efforts on selling.

Generating revenue as an ActiveCampaign white-label reseller

While the prices you set will probably be roughly in line with the suggested pricing, there are lots of ways you can maximize your profits by offering ActiveCampaign.

Sell more licenses

Since you don’t have to spend any money developing your own branded marketing automation solution, you can sell ActiveCampaign white label virtually risk-free. The more clients you can onboard, the greater your monthly profits will be.

The nice thing about white-label is that there really isn’t a ceiling on how many licenses you can resell. Since you don’t have to offer support in-house, you can sell more without worrying about extra time demands on your team.

Because ActiveCampaign has tiers for every type of customer, all of your clients are good prospects for this product, no matter their size or industry.

Bundle with other products

Another way to maximize your revenue (and profit) with ActiveCampaign white-label is by offering it alongside other products in bundles. This way, you can sell more digital solutions, maximizing the value of each client while also offering them a price incentive for giving more of their business to you.

Not sure what to bundle ActiveCampaign with? Here are some good choices:

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