Vendasta vs DashClicks

Both Vendasta and DashClicks provide white-label business opportunities that can help marketing agencies grow their business. When it comes to fulfillment, Vendasta’s pricing is more competitive, and its complete portfolio of marketing services makes it the best choice.


Local businesses need your help to get found by more customers, enhance their online reputation, and promote their products. However, marketing agencies are struggling because it’s hard to build a team and offer a mix of marketing solutions at scale.

That’s where Vendasta’s white-label digital marketing agency comes in: You get a team of marketing experts that work under your brand, so that you can scale your business without worrying about hiring, training, and overhead costs. In other words: You sell and we deliver. 

DashClicks has been trying to follow in Vendasta’s steps by offering white-label business opportunities to agencies. However, a more careful analysis will reveal that DashClicks pricing is more expensive for managed services like PPC, websites, and social media. When their prices are lower, there are some serious drawbacks that you should consider. 

For example, did you know that you can’t phone DashClicks? If you need customer support, you’ll have to use live chats or send an email. They also don’t offer some essential services like online reputation management to respond to reviews. There is no proof of performance for their social media services and their client dashboard doesn’t work on mobile. 

And that’s not all, as you’ll find out in this comparison page.

DashClicks Pricing

DashClicks pricing for digital advertising can range from $499/mo to $2,599/mo plus a $350 setup fee charged on top of the campaign’s  advertising budget. For social media services, price starts at $199/mo. DashClicks charges $499 for informational websites and $899 for ecommerce websites plus a monthly fee for hosting.

Here’s a pricing chart for DashClicks:


DashClicks PPC Services

Vendasta and DashClicks share a similar pricing model for digital advertising. They both charge a setup fee and a management fee, but the main difference is that Vendasta’s management fee is included in the wholesale price, whereas DashClicks charges on top of the ad spend. 

For example, if you purchase a $1,000/mo campaign with Vendasta, we’ll take $150/mo for the management fee and apply $850/mo into the campaign spend.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a $1,000/mo campaign with DashClicks, they’ll charge you $499/mo and apply $1,000/mo into the campaign spend.

Vendasta’s setup fee is only $199 while DashClicks is charging $350 for it.

If you need call tracking services, Vendasta will charge you $25/mo for 500 minutes. DashClicks is selling the exact same service for $49/mo.


DashClicks PPC services:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Vendasta’s advertising services:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Display Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Dynamic Auto Ads for car dealerships
  • LocalAds

Not only DashClicks pricing for PPC services is way more expensive than Vendasta’s, but we also have more services you can resell.


DashClicks Social Media Services

DashClicks pricing for social media services starts at $199/mo for 3 posts/week.

With Vendasta’s white-label digital agency, the price starts at $95/mo for 1 post/week.

If you choose DashClicks, you can order social media content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Vendasta can offer all of these channels and also Google My Business and Houzz. This is super important because Google My Business posts can improve SEO rankings.

Here’s a pricing chart for DashClicks’ social media services:

If you want to compare, it would be $245/mo to get 3 posts/week with Vendasta. However, you would have a few extras included in the package:

Google My Business Posts: As we mentioned, this is important for SEO and DashClicks doesn’t offer that.

Social Media Onboarding Call: We’ll have an onboarding call with your client to understand their business and define the strategy. DashClicks doesn’t like phone calls. You’ll need to spend time filling out order forms and hoping for the best.

Social Page Build: Social page build is included with our service, but you can also purchase it separately as an add-on. DashClicks won’t create social media profiles for you and your clients.

Proof of Performance: DashClicks is lacking social media reporting. That’s not us saying that, but their own customers on online reviews. With Vendasta, both you and your clients have access to live reporting with the Executive Report.

DashClicks social media services:

  • Social media posts
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Vendasta’s social media services:

  • Social media posts
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Houzz
  • Client onboarding call
  • Social page build
  • Monthly content & strategy call
  • Custom images
  • Facebook post boosting
  • Live reporting in the Executive Report

DashClicks Websites Services

Thinking about outsourcing websites to DashClicks? Their setup fee is $499 for informational websites or $899 for ecommerce websites.

You also have to pay a monthly fee for hosting and SSL that can be $25/mo or $35/mo depending on the type of your website.

All of that includes only 1 page. You’ll have to pay additional fees if you need more pages or pieces of content.

Here’s a pricing chart for DashClicks’ ecommerce websites:

You can save time and make more money if you outsource websites to Vendasta. We have a dedicated team of web designers and web developers that can build websites on WordPress and Mono. Our white-label marketing agency can do ecommerce, create website copy, handle custom work, install plugins, and take care of all the back-end maintenance.

Vendasta’s pricing for website creation starts at $360 + $42/mo for a 3-page website.

You can purchase add-ons for additional pages, website copy, and custom work.

DashClicks website services:

  • Informational website
  • Ecommerce website
  • Additional page
  • Website copy
  • Unknown platform

Vendasta’s website services:

  • WordPress and Mono websites
  • Client onboarding call
  • Design approval process with 2 mocks
  • Additional page
  • Website copy
  • Custom work
  • Website maintenance & support

Customer Service

If you decide to use DashClicks as your agency platform, it’s 100% guaranteed that, at some point, you will have questions about fulfillment and tools.

And, as an agency owner, you’re busy. Saving time is one of the main reasons why you’re outsourcing marketing services, right?

Unfortunately, DashClicks’ customer service won’t make your life any easier.

DashClicks doesn’t offer a support line that you can call and ask your questions. Instead, they’ll force you to waste time sending emails and typing on a live chat that is unavailable on weekends. Also, their Support Center lacks in-depth information to help agencies understand the services provided.

Snapshot Reports vs. InstaReports

DashClicks offers a prospecting tool called InstaReports, taking inspiration from Vendasta’s own tested and award-winning Snapshot Report. Although they both cover similar metrics, we’re backed by over five years of accumulated data, along with seamless integration into our trusted sales management platform. 

With over two million SMBs and over 500,000 Snapshot Reports created, our system has accumulated a wealth of data. This gives you the confidence to trust that you’re providing your prospects with the most accurate insights possible, no matter what industry you’re targeting.

We’ve also designed our Snapshot Report to integrate seamlessly with our Sales & Success Center. With email campaigns and dynamic grade components, your team can easily get this report into your prospects’ hands. You’ll also be able to easily manage all incoming leads with our hot lead notification feature, saving both you and your team valuable prospecting time. 

Our subscription tiers are focused on allowing you to grow at your own pace. Unlike DashClicks, which limit the number of reports you can create per tier, we remove that restriction and allow you to create as many as you’d like. This allows you to focus on growing your business without the need to upgrade. 

We also ensure that we have a solution for each grade. While DashClicks provides a grade on a business’s reputation, they leave it up to you to find a solution for your clients. To take that work off your plate, we offer a team of experts in reputation management, giving you more time to focus on selling. 

When another business feels the need to use your own tools to find inspiration, you know you have something that works. With our Snapshot Report, you can be confident that your sales team is prospecting with a proven tool, backed by years of data.

Snapshot Report vs InstaReports Vendasta Technologies logo DashClicks logo
Scoring Algorithm
Listing Accuracy
Listing Presence
Data Provider Accuracy
Reviews Found
Average Review Score
Social Presence Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Facebook, Instagram
Website Performance Google Page Speed Insights Google Page Speed Insights
Mobile Responsiveness
Desktop Load Speed
Homepage Content Review
Organic Keyword Performance
Organic Keyword Ranking
Digital Advertising Google & Facebook Google & Facebook
Google Recommended Keywords
Google Campaign Performance
Facebook Retargeting
Dynamic Grade Components
Hot Lead Notifications

InstaReports Pricing

DashClicks will give their clients 1 free InstaReport per month. If you need more, their cheapest plan starts at $97/mo and includes 50 InstaReports per month. However, you won’t have access to the Facebook Ads module unless you upgrade to the Plus plan, which is $197/mo. SMS notifications can be purchased separately and are only available for United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom.


Vendasta’s pricing model is slightly different. We offer a limited number of Snapshot Reports in each of our subscription tiers and you can get more as you upgrade. You also have the option to purchase additional Snapshot Reports separately. The difference is that with Vendasta you get more value for money because our subscription plans give you more features such as our Local Business Online Toolkit and access to a Marketplace of over 200 products and services you can resell. 

Training Courses

Not only DashClicks doesn’t have a phone line that you can call for support, but they’ll also charge you for training courses. The less pricey option is the “Irresistible Sales Formula” at $97 for a 1-hour lesson. If you want to throw money away, a great option is the “DashDay Online” for $497. 


At Vendasta, we believe in growing together. That’s why we launched our Vendasta Academy with 10+ free courses to help you get familiar with our white-label platform and sell digital solutions to local businesses. You can sign up for free and try it now. Here are some of our courses:

  • Getting Started With Vendasta
  • Discover Your Product-Market Fit
  • Set Up Your Store for Success
  • Help Your Clients Get Found
  • Help Your Clients Be Known
  • The Master Sales Series (with George Leith from Conquer Local)
  • Start Your Digital Marketing Agency (with Dennis Yu)


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