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White-label link building services: Why agencies should outsource


A recent Search Engine Land survey found link building is every SEO expert's least favorite task. It’s a good reason to consider white-label link building services for your agency instead.

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There are plenty of other reasons agencies should consider outsourcing this SEO task. This guide will go over the benefits of outsourcing your link-building activities. Then it takes a look at the cost of doing it in house versus getting it into the hands of specialists.

Link building is a full-time job

The first reason agency owners should outsource their link building is because it’s a full-time job. Your team probably finds it takes up too much of their time. They may not give it the time and attention it deserves.

If you take a look at the Search Engine Land survey responses (above), the situation is pretty clear. Some survey responses cited how much time link-building can take. They also pointed out how difficult it is to get quality links.

Others complained about needing to clean up poor-quality link-building campaigns done by others. Finally, you have to keep up with changes to search engine algorithms (Search Engine Roundtable). To do that, you'll need to update your linking strategies on a regular basis.

Does your agency team really have time for all that? If not, white-label link building services are a better solution. The white-label team can provide dedicated service and tools. They focus on link building and nothing but link building. In short, it is their full-time job.

You probably hired most of your agency team members to do more than build links for clients. If so, outsourcing link building can help your team get back to their own jobs.

White-label link building services deliver more consistent results

The next reason you should think about white-label link building services is the results.

Unless you have a bunch of trained link-building experts working for you, there’s a possibility your team might not stay on top of algorithms. That means there’s a risk they’re not doing link building in the most up-to-date manner.

Link building is important, but it’s also one of the most abused SEO pillars. There are plenty of bad and outdated tactics out there. In that environment, it’s easy for even the most well-meaning agency team member to make a misstep.

Part of the white-label link-building team’s job is keeping pace with change. They'll also keep an eye on which tactics are “white hat” (Search Engine Journal). This means they have their fingers on the pulse of the latest strategies. That ensures the tactics they use for your clients actually deliver results.

Since the white-label team works on link building consistently, they’ll deliver results on a regular basis. This means better results for your clients over the long term.

Outsourcing link building gets results sooner

SEO is one of those processes that can take a fair bit of time and effort before it pays off. SEO generally takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to start showing results. In short, it can take time, even if you’re doing everything “right.”

As we already noted, link building is one of the more time-intensive parts of SEO. It takes time and effort just to get quality links. How long does it take for those links to start paying off with improvements to domain authority, ranking, and so on?

With white-label link building for your clients, they can start seeing those results sooner. That happens for the same reasons you’ll see more consistent results:

  • A dedicated team spends more time, more consistently
  • Experts make up the white-label team, and they stay on top of the best tactics to use

In short, your clients will see better results sooner, and they’ll see them for a longer time.

White-label link building services save money

Still not convinced white-label link building is the way to go? Consider that outsourcing is usually more cost effective.

This is true when it comes to white label SEO services and link building in particular. These tasks are time intensive. They also have to be done on an ongoing basis, so the costs are usually lower when you team up with the experts.

Since the experts also know what they’re doing, they don’t make as many mistakes. They use proven strategies, and they can execute those strategies in less time.

How much does building link cost?

So, how much does building links cost? It depends on the site, the strategy, and the expert team offering the service.

Experts suggest your clients can expect to spend thousands of dollars for a handful of quality links (Search Engine Land). Others promise much lower costs—in the hundreds.

With white-label link building services, you might pay the vendor for a subscription. You can usually mark up these services, so you can be sure you’re still turning a profit.

Handling link building in house can look less expensive, especially if your team doesn't cost their time against the task. Yet, turning a profit isn’t always guaranteed if you do link building in house.

If your team costs their time, you’ll quickly see how much link building is costing you. You'll also see how much you could save by getting an expert team on your side.

Link building as one part of a larger digital marketing strategy

Link building is an integral part of an SEO strategy, and SEO is the foundation of many digital marketing strategies. Boosting SEO results isn’t all link building can do though. You should actually consider link building as part of any larger digital marketing strategy.

You’ll use it with SEO, but links can be a good way to promote a client brand. Getting a client featured in a local newspaper or industry publication can boost their reputation. Authoritative links can be part of a social media strategy and a digital PR push.

As you can see, link-building activities go beyond your clients’ search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Links can increase traffic and brand trust. They also play a role in your clients’ online reputations. Links can help you create buzz and chatter around a brand, which increases visibility as well.

What is white-label digital marketing?

You don't have to stop at link building or SEO. You can team up with a white-label digital marketing team for more services. Link building is just one piece of the whole white-label digital marketing puzzle.

Are you thinking about a larger digital marketing strategy for your clients? You might want to check out white-label solutions for other digital marketing tasks to offer your clients more at a reduced cost. These could include:

If your agency has expertise in one area, then use white-label solutions to add complementary services. White-label products and services let you offer more and do more for your clients, even as your team focuses on what they’re best at.

Link your clients’ success to great link building services

These days, Google and other search engines have many indicators of quality content. Links may not be as important as they once were, but link building is still a cornerstone for any good SEO strategy. More than that, link building can impact your larger digital marketing strategy.

If link building is frustrating your team or it’s taking up inordinate amounts of time, then white-label link building services could be just what your agency needs.

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