Vendasta Product Announcements: Instagram Integration, Customer Voice, and Beyond

At Vendasta, we innovate with purpose.

That purpose is first and foremost to provide the tools that our partners need so that they can conquer local and help their clients grow and succeed.

Vendasta's Graham Holtslander (Engineering Manager) and Stephanie Unruh (UXUI Designer) shared exciting news about some scalding-hot new product innovations in their recent VendastCon 2018 presentation.

Here's what they covered...

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Exciting Announcements

Introducing Customer Voice

Gathering customer experiences to boost online star power and drive more business is something that all SMBs need to focus on, and now we have a product that'll help make that happen: Customer Voice!

Customer Voice is the easy way to gather feedback ― simply add customers and send them an email or text to request a review. Once you have the feedback, it makes it easy to improve that business and leverage the voice of brand champions to improve your clients’ online word-of-mouth. Invite existing customers to share their experiences online so new customers know your clients can be trusted.

Watch the announcement about Customer Voice here:

Introducing Advertising Intelligence

Our new product (currently in beta*), Advertising Intelligence, will bring Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns under one roof to see what’s making you money.

  • Advertising Intelligence will provide reporting, a real ROI calculator, and comes backed with smart insights—so you can make smarter campaigns. Knowing which campaigns make your clients’ more money means you can become the expert in digital advertising.

*Note: Advertising Intelligence is currently only available to partners as a beta product. We're anticipating a platform-wide release in late Q2 or early Q3, however, so stay tuned!

Watch the announcement about Advertising Intelligence here:

Introducing Instagram in Social Marketing

Social Marketing is one of our oldest products, being used by over 25K businesses around the world. Recently, we’ve dedicated a whole lot more time and attention to it. We’ve given it a facelift and added Instagram.

No more posting directly through your native app. Yay!

Watch the announcement about Instagram for Social Marketing here:

To learn more about using Instagram for your client's marketing, check out our Instagram for Business post.

Limited Time Website Pro Migration Offer Alert:

Stephanie and Graham also announced a limited time offer:

We’ll migrate your WordPress sites to Website Pro for you!

We built Website Pro because we know how sticky websites are, and we know what a foundational piece they play in the local marketing stack.

This migration offer means that we'll migrate all your sites into Website Pro on your behalf, completely free of charge.

Watch the announcement about the Website Pro Migration Offer here:

We know changing hosting providers can be a pain, and we want to make that as seamless and easy as possible.

Product Improvements

Along with the above announcements, Stephanie and Graham highlighted some key improvements to current products.

New Listing Builder Features

For anyone who's not familiar with Listing Builder, it's been one of our flagship offerings for a while now.

  • For no additional cost, you can introduce your clients to online presence management on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Once your clients are ready to buy, Listing Sync Pro instantly syncs and locks their listings on a number of additional sites.
  • We've also fully integrated with Google My Business, giving your clients insights into the changes over time in the number of website visits, phone calls, and requests for driving directions from their Google listing.
  • Finally, Listing Builder now offers Photo Syndication. This makes it easy for businesses to update their logo and add photos to their listings across the web, all from one place.

The listings ecosystem is vast, and Listing Builder helps you conquer it.

Watch the announcement about Listing Builder here:

New Reputation Management Features

Reputation Management is our pillar product, it's foundational to our business. We've recently made some key updates to improve the product.

  • One of the most popular features is the Executive Report. It's read by over 60,000 SMBs every single month. We've been working hard on a new version of the Executive Report that can replace the Reputation Management report and also report on all of our other apps.
  • We've also recently added Inline Facebook Response. In addition to Google, your clients can now also respond to Facebook reviews without having to leave Reputation Management.

Watch the announcement about Reputation Management here:

To learn more about selling your reputation management services, check out our Ultimate Reputation Management Sales Playbook.

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