Vendasta launches Local Impact Awards

Helping to build a local culture of recognition and innovation, Vendasta is excited to recognize excellence in the community with our first-ever annual Local Impact Awards.

The Vendasta Local Impact Awards celebrate the digital experts who are using innovative strategies, best practices, and technologies to drive digital transformation for small and medium businesses (SMBs). 

The awards will showcase inspirational stories from local experts who have used technology solutions to help SMBs transform digitally and grow their businesses to continue to serve the communities they live in.

Apply now for the Vendasta Local Impact Awards

“Vendasta is celebrating local experts who leverage technology, raise the bar on customer experiences, and reap the rewards of their client success,” said Vendasta CMO & Co-founder Jeff Tomlin. “We are thrilled to honor the exemplary companies and entrepreneurs who are committed to driving local economies and helping small and medium businesses transform digitally.”

Business award categories

Any digital expert offering digital solutions to SMBs can qualify. This includes but is not limited to: independent software vendors, managed service providers, media companies, and marketing agencies. 

The awards shine a spotlight on some of the greatest success stories of experts helping local businesses through the following six categories:

1. Client Success

Be recognized for using digital technology to provide exceptional service to clients. The winning entry must describe how they used technology to deliver the solutions, and how the services assisted with a client’s success.

2. Strategy Excellence Award

Be recognized for either developing or refining a scalable strategy or process that drives both business growth and engagement.

A few examples include time-saving marketing automation, use of a tool that helps nurture leads, or a new process that has made a positive impact.

3. Innovation Award

Be recognized as a forward-thinking company. This award goes to a partner that uses the power of new technologies to achieve business success. 

4. Vendor of the Year Award

Be recognized as an innovative digital solution provider. Open only to Vendasta Marketplace vendors.

5. Partner of the Year Award

Open exclusively to Vendasta partners, be recognized for accelerated business growth. Explain how substantial revenue growth was achieved and describe how the business adapted to challenges only to become more successful. 

6. Conquer Local Ambassador Award

Be recognized for outstanding Community contributions and achievements in the Conquer Local Community and Academy. Explain how you used Conquer Local resources to grow as a leader. 

The opportunity to be recognized by peers for one of the above categories will help businesses establish credibility in front of their targeted audience and gain authority in their field.

Why apply for Local Impact Awards?

This award is an acknowledgment of exceptional success and innovation. This recognition can increase your company’s new business opportunities, increase awareness, and may drive revenue growth. 

According to ForbesBooks, “local awards are important because your local area is your immediate and rich source of potential clients, and establishing local credibility will help you gain headway with that critical, immediate audience.” 

Awards set businesses apart from the competition, which is especially important for young businesses trying to find their place. The British Quality Foundation found that smaller award-winning businesses in the US experience, on average, a 63-percent increase in operating income, and a 39 percent growth in sales compared to non-winners.

Who can apply?

Any local expert who has leveraged digital technology to help SMBs succeed can apply for the Vendasta Local Impact Awards.

About Vendasta

Vendasta’s purpose is to drive local economies by making technology available for all SMBs. We accomplish this by providing a robust platform to local experts worldwide who then deliver these digital solutions to their SMB clients. Our platform and online marketplace are integrated into an operating system with a single sign-on to digital products and analytics, making digital solutions obtainable. Vendasta serves 60,000+ channel partners, who work with more than 5.5 million SMBs worldwide.

Local Impact Award entry deadline

Nomination entries for the 2022 Local Impact Awards close on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM EDT. Winners will be announced during a virtual awards celebration at a Conquer Local Connect in June 2022.

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Emily is a Content Marketing Specialist at Vendasta. Over her career, Emily has worked as a Marketing Strategist, freelanced as a Social Media manager, and enjoyed working events for local and national not-for-profit agencies. When she's not researching her next blog topics you can bet she's challenging a friend to a card game or planning a hike in the wilderness.

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